Saturday, March 04, 2006

Help A Driver

Here is a chance to have a say in who the next great NASCAR rookie may be. Check Vote for Dan Frazier (#96) for info. This guy seems like a good guy, and I have joined the forum.
This is Dan's introduction reprinted here from the forums:

I am a police officer/firefighter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In my off time, I pursue my passion of stock car racing, and have been trying to break into the higher levels of the sport for some time.

An exciting opportunity has presented itself, but I need YOUR help. A new television show is in the making, called “Racin’ for a Livin’”. At the end of the show, a driver will be selected to make his or her debut in NASCAR racing. Here’s how it works:

Fifty ‘rookie’ race drivers will be selected from the thousands of applications submitted via the show’s web site. The 50 are selected based on various criteria, including interest in the driver as expressed by visitors to the show’s web site, located at The more people post to the show’s forum interested in a driver, the more likely he/she is to be accepted into the 50 ‘rookies’.

Once the 50 are selected, an online voting process begins. Only the 12 drivers with the most votes will be featured on the show. That’s where the fun really begins!

The 12 ‘rookies’ will compete both on and off the track, and the winner is determined through a process of elimination during the show, which will be an in-depth training and racing process, full of thrills!

Here’s how YOU can help: go to the show’s web site at, join the forum, and tell them that you want to see Dan Frazier (#96) on the show. My application is in; I’m just waiting to hear if I will be one of the 50 drivers selected for the voting process.

Should I be selected as one of the 50, I’ll REALLY need your help in order to make the show. I’ll need you to vote early and often. Get your friends involved too – the more votes, the better my chances are to be one of the 12 drivers who will be on the show.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about me, my web site is at Also, I distribute full-color autograph cards – if you would like one (or more), feel free to send a self addressed stamped envelope (sorry, can’t afford all that postage on my salary – you know how it is!) to:

Dan Frazier
220 Windsor Ln
Portage, MI 49002

If you include names, I’ll be happy to personalize them.

Thanks in advance to all my fans, friends, and fellow drivers. DRIVE FAST, TURN LEFT!!!!

P.S. Since I’m posting this to as many forums as I can find, I won’t be able to check this one much, due to time constraints. If you have a question for me, go to, pull up my profile or one of my posts, and send me a private message. I get an alert every time a message is left, so I’ll be sure to get it!

Dan Frazier #96


Babs said...

How cool! I will check it out.

I cheated on the Spanish. I used an on-line translator. Looks good though!!! LOL!

Clance' McClannahan said...

Well ok I can do that...
BAB'S!! You CHEATER!! I will be posting on Bab's NASCAR blog about this, I can guarantee you...
The Gordon RANT will be done today. You have to know it's pretty serious when it takes me days to write it.
How bout that Denny? I wanna call him "little guy" like Skipper and Gilligan....

Babs said...

Clance' is gonna dock me 25 points!!
It was "creative engineering" I tell ya!! LOL!