Thursday, August 23, 2007


While the race was rained out in Michigan, Sunday, I went to the Good Times Auto show, an amature event which takes place in Old Colorado City, right outside my door every year. Thought I'd share some pictures here:
When Stock Cars were Stock Cars. Oh well, modified stock cars.

Know your alphabet--It's an MGA!
Lots of birds there.

These are all the photos blogger would let me put in one post. I have plenty more: Stay tuned

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'll Be Back

For the reader or two who has noticed that I have been MIA--Internet access has temporarily become unavailable. The local library branch I usually blog from is closed until October for rennovation, and other methods and venues are difficult to reach due to time and distance restrictions. I'm still trying to find a way to use my computer on line from the motel apartment in which I live, which, due to the outgoing telephone circuit, only local numbers can be dialed, so I can't even get reach the number to get dial up access numbers. I will find a way--if not, I'll see you in October.

A few quick thoughts:
I didn't know you couldn't say "moopoop" on television. Smoke didn't either. Maybe he could have avoided the fine if he hadn't used the other word for moopoop. As for the moopoop we Smoke fans have to put up with, just visit any race fan message boards, particularly But I'm sure fans of many drivers have to put up with the same kind of moopoop.

Jr at Hendrick It makes me cry. Oh well, he better win a championship with the crimelord, because now there will be no more excuses.

The Formula NASCAR at Watkins Glen lived up to my expectations. What a great race. I was impressed by the Formula N cars--formerly known as the COT--at the Glen, and we got to see that dream race for the finish between the two best Cup regulars on the road courses. They raced hard, and The Gordon lost. I have more to say on that race, but am under time restriction.

Time has forced me to end this post. Hope to see ya'll soon.