Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Far-Outer Limits Preview

I know this is late.
Well, here we go with another perspective from the Far-Outer Limits. Far out, man, it’s Martinsville. It’s a short track, but it’s not the same as any other short track the Cup drivers negotiate. Tony Stewart (my favorite driver), qualified as if he was driving a sprint car and got the third position on the starting grid, important at M-vile, because the little paperclip-like track doesn’t allow much passing. To Smoke, that infamous Martinsville curb is like the dirt bank on the inside curve of the dirt tracks he loves so much, and he utilizes it much like he would in a dirt car.
Oh my gosh, half an hour into the pre-race show on Speed TV, and I already got a quote of the day from Jimmy Spencer. Talking about Dirty Kurty Busch, he said “Yes, we need a bad guy, but not an animal!”
Careful, Jimmy, you’re treading on DW’s territory. Or has DW been treading on your territory all this time?
Leave it to Matt Kenseth. This guy is so laid back and fair that you can’t help but to like him. He took the blame, 100% of it for his run-in with Jeffy last week. Matt, please don’t go and pay that fine for Jeff--that $10 grand is just pocket change for the spoiled brat, and it’s no problem for him. And, whatever you do, Matt, don’t go and ask NASCAR to fine you instead, they will use you for an example.
I think that it is far out that Kenseth is getting more air time. I met him once at a local bar, away from the track and racing, and really got to like him. The more we see him on TV, the more we are reminded what a cool dude Matt is.

I’m putting a whammy on HMS. I hope it doesn’t backfire.

I also predict that Tony Stewart will lead a lot of laps. I hope he leads the one that counts.

I am literally rolling on the floor, laughing--Jimmy’s NASCAR Moms segment was absolutely hilarious, and genuinely has the fans pegged. Well, I can’t type while rolling on the floor, so I had to stop.

The weird thing about this is that I really can’t stand Jimmy Spencer. I can’t stand him, but I like him, so how far out is that?

As a lifelong fan of NASCAR racing, I give a tip of the Grateful Dead Bandanna, for lack of a hat, to the Woods. 18 of NASCAR’s top 50 drivers of all time have driven for Wood Brothers Racing. Thank-you, Speed TV, for the nice tribute to that legendary team. I still wonder--there is an Army base in Missouri named Fort Leonard Wood, pronounced “Lennerwoo’” by the locals--is that named after our Leonard?
In honor of Martinsville, I had hot-dogs for breakfast. I will also have hot-dogs for lunch. What a gas!
Jeez, what a bad pun!
This should be a good race for Denny Hamlin.
What a flashback! The old Jeffy is back. He once again has more fans booing him than any other driver. Way to go, Rainbow Warrior!
Knaus is back. You can tell, because the #48 car is being held up in inspection. I don’t care what NASCAR does to Chad, as long as he keeps being creative. As much as I generally dislike the HMS drivers, Jimmie Johnson is still among my top five favorites. Far out, I’m a walking contradiction!
I know nobody will see this post until Monday evening, but I hope it is relevant then, it should be a good reference to look back on after the race.
Man, I love short tracks.
Will Kenseth keep his cool? Will everyone be p-o’d at my favorite driver? Will my favorite driver be p-o’d at everyone? Will The Schrub continue his quest to out bad-boy his bad-boy brother? Will Jeffy continue his quest to eradicate all our myths? Will I ever stop thinking of Martinsville as the murder weapon ISC used to kill my beloved PPIR? Stay tuned, it’s Martinsville, The Drama Continues.

A huge wave of the Grateful Dead Bandanna to Scott Speed, the first American to race in the Formula One series since 1993, for his first top ten finish as a rookie. This man definitely has a future.

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