Monday, August 07, 2006

Formula 1 gets interesting

How to make Formula 1 racing more exciting:
1. Let it Rain
2. Have Kimi Raikonnen lead a few laps
3. Have a first time winner
Formula 1 uses rain tyres (tires are for NASCAR and tyres are for open wheel) and the race goes on during rain, unless the track is flooded, of course. It changes the racing drastically, for the cars are going a little slower and subsequently race better, as in more passing. As the weather and track conditions change, so does pit strategy, as the teams switch between rain, intermediate, and dry condition tyres. The handling characteristics of the cars change depending on which tyres they are using.
It was wet most of the time at the Grand Prix of Hungary this weekend, and it was actually some exciting racing as Formula 1 goes. There was more racing than usual. It may not actually be better racing, because the drivers make a lot of mistakes when they have to pass each other, but it was certainly more exciting.
I don't understand why Kimi Raikonnen hasn't won a championship. He is as good a driver, if not better than, seven time F1 champion Michael Schumacher or current champion Fernando Alonso. Maybe its the kind of luck he has. Like in this race, after leading most of the seventy laps, his suspension broke, with only seventeen laps to go. It always seems to happen--Raikonnen leads the race, but something happens to the car. I hope Dr Z doesn't read this, but could it be the mechanics of the car? Anyway, whenever Kimi leads a race, the racing behind him seems more intense.
Kimi wasn't the only driver to have mechanical problems. F1 whiz kid Fernando Alonso lost a wheel toward the end of the race, and didn't finish. With one lap left in the race, Michael Schumacher experienced instant karma for cutting through a turn, twice, when his steering mechanism broke, while he was running in third place. In the end, the young Englishman, Jenson Button took the victory. It was special--he had started in fourteenth place, and the odd sequence of events during the race brought him to the front. He had a very fast car, and took his career first F1 victory at the Hungaroring circuit.

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