Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dealing with it, and TickCo joins Rev'Jim's RantsnRaves

First of all, in no way was the fear expressed on this blog meant to imply that Tony Stewart was washed up. The intent of my posts on the subject of Stewart joining Stewart Haas racing next year was to express how it will feel as Smoke works to get his new team to the top, not a prediction that he would perform poorly.

It will be difficult for those of us who are Tony Stewart fans to accept that he will be driving as a back marker for a while, but that doesn't mean the team won't get better. He has already had some meetings with his new team to try to figure out why they haven't been able to be more successful with all the resources they have available to them (it isn't for lack of money, Haas Automation has thrown all kinds of financial support at the team, and has recently built a $40,000,000 wind tunnel that is supposed to be able to simulate different track conditions and features).

Stewart is a winner, and though we will have to fret as he tries to qualify the #14 car as a go or go home team, or will scream in frustration as he just can't seem to get his car to work the way he wants, those times will pass. He will turn that team into a winner. Eventually.

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Racedriven said...

Hi revjim, interesting post on two levels...

First on Tony Stewart, I like Smoke, for the last couple of years, i have found myself as a fan of his, he is amazing behind the wheel, very outspoken, loves challenges, knows how to handle the media, is a champion and when away from the racetrack, he reminds me of Dale Earnhardt Sr., a back to nature type guy.

I believe that Stewart-Haas Racing once it gets off the ground with the addition of Tony Stewart and a the new people he will being in, he will not only win races, but championships, but willn't happen over night, I look for Smoke to be a contender in 2010, I believe in Stewart, he's not going to settle period.

Second, as a blogger, I have delt with Tickco and many other advertisers just like them, a good company, but I'm not a fan of advertising like this inside posts, you almost have to make it look natural, like a normal link, I know this because I have done it, soon you have ads going down the right sidebar of your blog, I understand the idea of advertising, the little extra money is nice, just be carefull and good luck.

Forrest Gump said...

Hey Rev,
I totally understand you on the Stewart Hass Racing point. It's business and he wants to stay relevant and progressive. He is all about winning and building a winning team.

On the second topic. I'm not mad at you. You have to pay bills some how. Internet geeks are funny when It comes to advertising on a blog or webpage. They frown on it for the little guy but, it's OK for the "Giants" Like AOL. Yahoo, Google, ABC, ESPN, FOX, NASCAR, F1, etc... to do it.

Nascar is built on Advertising and sponsorship. I will support you in anyway I can. I will till people to go to your site to get tickets for any sporting event.

RevJim said...

Hey Forrest, thanks for the kind words. I have resisted commercialism for a while, because I wanted to make sure everything I posted on here was my own thoughts, and not influenced by sponsors. I think I can accept some sponsorship now, and still write my own thoughts.