Thursday, January 12, 2006

Vacuous Bubble Heads

I enjoy many kinds of music and movies. Often, a star of a movie or a music performer that I like will make some kind of off the wall political or social statement, but that won't stop me from enjoying the movie or the performance. I don't pay attention to what these celebrities say, for they excel in what they do because their entire mindset and personality is in the act they perform on screen and stage. What they say away from the performance doesn't matter to me, because they have no basis in reality. For example, during the 2004 Presidential campaign, in the United States, actress Cameren Diaz declared that, if George W. Bush were to be re-elected, "it would become legal to rape women." Where did that come from? I don't know, except that it had nothing to do with the plane of consciousness we currently exist in. Because Diaz's life is in the fantasy world of acting, what she says outside of that world has no relevance in this space-time continuum. I think she is an excellent actress, and I will continue to enjoy her movies.

My point is -- if you want to discuss politics, religion, or social issues with me, please don't base your argument on what you have heard from a Hollywood actor or a musician. A friend and co-worker recently asked me, "Did you hear what Pierce Brosnan said? He said that President Bush is the worst world leader ever!"
I replied to her that I didn't care what an English actor had to say about American politics. She asked me why I was being so "hateful" about Brosnan's opinion, and I said, "So the guy who plays James Bond doesn't like our President? Why should that matter?"
Everybody in this Nation is entitled to have and express their opinion, just as we are entitled to consider the source and weight of that opinion. I do not consider the opinion of those who , outside their chosen field, amount to being vacuous bubble-heads.
Usually the motive of these celebrities in making bizarre and unfounded statements is publicity. It is a way to get in the headlines. When Paris Hilton released a porn video on the internet, her program The Simple Life was about to air on Fox, and the publicity did not harm the viewership of the p program at all. The porn video worked well as a publicity stunt.
So the famous one hit wonder, Harry Belefonte is bad-mouthing America in Venezuela. Why? People seem to have forgotten about him, even though he is still active on stage in various playhouses and theaters. I personally feel that he is promoting his new CD perhaps titled Harry Belefonte's Greatest Hit: The 73 Minute Day-O,or something like that. To me, his opinion doesn't matter.

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