Monday, March 20, 2006

It Would Make A Great Movie

I have been thinking for a while, that if a movie were to made about a current, living NASCAR driver, that that driver should be Bobby Hamilton. He grew up as an orphan, and lived on the streets for most of his young adulthood. He hung around the local garages and learned all he could about cars and mechanics, and later, about racing. His path to success is truly an inspiring story.
As the 2004 NASCAR Craftsman Truck series Champion, he doesn't have the Superstar status of, say, a Jeff Gordon or a Tony Stewart, but he is a star in his own right. Any NASCAR fan recognizes his name. He is often outspoken on certain issues, and has been a critic of the NASCAR organization itself.
As a team owner, he pioneered his own drive for diversity, even before the idea caught on at NASCAR, giving rides to Willie T Ribbs and Deborah Renshaw.
Certainly, to win the 2004 championship, Hamilton had to overcome the odds against him. His team and equipment were not as well funded as many of the other CTS teams, but hard work and determination paid off.
Last Friday, March 17, Hamilton announced that he would be stepping out of racing while he got treatment for recently diagnosed cancer. His announcement was positive, and that he would be back after successful cancer treatment. I have to say, given his past trials, that he does have the will to succeed in his fight against cancer, and there will be another inspiring aspect to his life. Bobby Hamilton's life would indeed make a great movie, and it feels, to me, like it would have a happy ending.

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Babs said...

Good point. It would make a great movie. What a life he has had and he's a fighter and will continue to fight.
Yes, I know what you mean on Sundays. I try to keep my calendar clean for that day and when there's no race, it's like... what do I do now??
LOL about Kasey! He's a great driver too!