Monday, March 27, 2006

View From the Far-Outer Limits

This is another of my pre-race stream of consciousness/random thought articles. “I Wonder” is already taken, as is “Is It Just Me Or...” so I’m still playing around with working titles.

The producers, cast and crew of NASCAR Race Day really seem to know what they are doing. The montage of Tony Stewart and Jimmy Spencer framed within the heart was hilarious, and set up an even funnier interview. I think Tony is the only driver with whom something like that would have worked.

Flipping around between the end of Race Day and the beginning of the Fox pre-race show, I found a feature on the TV Guide Channel, called NASCAR Drivers Off Track, with LeAnne Tweeden. I feel sorry for LeAnne, because she gave up a good gig with Fox to co-host the failed SpeedTV program NASCAR Nation, probably taken a cut in pay. The thing is, most fans, myself included, would have preferred a hard news program, such as Totally NASCAR or RPM 2-Night. Now she’s doing a one-shot deal for the TV Guide Channel. It’s not that she isn’t qualified to be a legitimate racing reporter--she grew up around racing, her dad drives modifieds. It’s too bad for her that NASCAR Nation was just so much fluff, and she couldn’t shake the image of being just another pretty face.

Happy Harvick’s stand up routine last Friday was very funny, even if it was at the expense of Kurt “Stop Talking About My Ears” Busch. As Meyers pointed out, he can say mean things with a smile on his face.

Two things that made me go “hmmm:” On a scale of one to ten, Happy only gave himself a “5” in being a romantic. A five?!? He’s with Delana, for crying out loud!
He gave the odds of staying with RCR a “7.” Hmmmm again.
The “waiting” video was pretty cool, too. From NASCAR Drivers 360, to the TV commercials, and in his stand up comedy act, if neither Toyota nor RCR wants him (fat chance), Harvick can always get a career in acting.

Diamond Rio does a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Bravo to the track promoters for always bringing them back

Time for the race. Let’s Go RACING!!!!!

There is a tragic note to the day. During final practice for the IRL race at Homestead, Rahal/Letterman driver Paul Dana was killed in an accident. I have always been a critic of the IRL in that the cars are way to fast for banked oval tracks. They belong on the two mile flat tracks, if they are going to race ovals, or on road courses. At any rate, there seemed to be plenty of time to throw a caution and slow the cars down after Ed Carpenter, who was also seriously injured, spun. But excuses aren’t going to bring Dana back. Sadly, this was to be his first full season in the IRL.

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