Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm thinking, and it's overheated my brain.

I'm thinking...
Erin Crocker should deliver a kick to the 'nads to the next guy who intentionally takes her out of a race.
Jimmy Spencer doesn't know donkey doo about racing.
Juan Pablo Montoya in NASCAR is a good thing for both the fans and the sport.
Montoya in NASCAR has already been good for Reed Sorenson.
Picking on Jeff Gordon is fun.
I should stop picking on Jeff Gordon.
Michael Waltrip may be bipolar.
With all the advance promotion, Talledega Nights probably sucks.
Somebody should make a TV deal for Sprint car dirt racing.
TNT actually had good camera coverage at NHIS--they did a good job of showing all the racing--between the commercials.
Two years ago, Tony Stewart wouldn't even have talked to the press about the run-in with Newman.
When ABC/ESPN takes over the television rights from NBC/TNT next year, they should use the "side by side" feature they use for their IRL broadcasts during the commercials.
I'm looking forward to Rusty Wallace doing the commentary for NASCAR races.
16 points out of 10th in the championship points isn't all that bad right now.
Jamie McMurray may not live up to expectations.
NASCAR shouldn't even give points for qualifying. The thought makes me cringe.
I'm already dreading NASCAR's upcoming week off.
Dave Despain has no credibility for me.
I have no credibility for Dave Despain.
"You may be right, I may be crazy."
Maybe I shouldn't do this:
The following cartoon is based on characters created in South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
A Highlight Moment from NHIS


RaceFan81 said...

Hey Rev' Jim- While you're doing some thinking, what have you heard about this lawsuit involving NASCAR and Cintas, the company that owns the Kentucky Speedway? It sounds pretty ridiculous to me. It's like the track owners want to be able to tell NASCAR where to hold its races. Anyway, there's a website that can explain it better than I can:

Babs said...

Like your thoughts and your cartoon!

Clance' McClannahan said...

BOO!! Did I scare you?
Missed ya!

RevJim said...

Hey Clance', yes I missed you and was getting a little worried. Are you back?