Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poking Around

For seven years I faithfully attended the NBS race at Pikes Peak International Raceway. It was the one local event I looked forward to every year, planning nearly a year in advance for each race. I won't be going this year. Why? Because ICS, with all the money they have to throw away bought PPIR and shut it down!!! ICS and NASCAR moved my race to Martinsville, as if there aren't enough races in that part of the country. Why did they shut down PPIR. With no forsight or study whatsoever, they thought they could build a better track near Denver. Guess what, Denver and all its outlying areas said NO. Except for the weekly series at CIR, there is no more NASCAR in Colorado. MARTINVILLE STOLE MY RACE FOR NO GOOD REASON AND I AM PISSED!

Maybe I can get over it. I have said before that Pocono is one of my favorite venues in the NASCAR Nextel Cup circuit. Indeed, this looks to be a good one, judging by the performances in practice and qualifying. I'm just going to skip watching "Another for my Brother," which would make me ill in more ways than one, and enjoy tomorrow's race, with MRN or PRN tuned in on the radio. Sorry, no picks or track analysis this week. I am suffering from withdrawal.
Enjoy the race and good luck to all the drivers of all the fans.

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