Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Mistake

Se what I get for going with a story from the news media? Egg on my face. I am sincerely sorry that I propogated a false report concerning RCR. Consider this a retraction and official apology:
From "That's Racin"

NASCAR vice president Jim Hunter on Monday called a Speed TV report claiming the sanctioning body found issues with the cars of Nextel Cup Series winner Kevin Harvick or his Richard Childress Racing teammate Jeff Burton "sheer fantasy."

Speed TV reporter Bob Dillner reported late Sunday at New Hampshire that NASCAR officials had an issue with the wheel rims of both Harvick and Burtons' Chevrolets.

In the report, Dillner said, "The team apparently manipulated that rim to act as a bleeder valve to release air pressure from that rim. In English, it was performance advantage for the RCR team."

Dillner went on to say the teams didn't break any rule, but "have been told not to do it again."

Both NASCAR and RCR officials on Monday strongly denied the story.

Hunter denied anyone with either team was admonished about any questionable part and said both cars "completely passed post race inspection." NASCAR officials Sunday night also announced all cars had passed post race inspection.

RCR spokesman David Hart also denied either team had been directed by NASCAR not to bring a questionable part back to the race track.

Hunter said Dillner did not ask anyone with NASCAR about the issue before his report aired. "If he had, we would have told him the same thing," Hunter said.

"He didn't ask because he didn't want to know the answer. It was an example of sensational journalism at its worst."
Email and voice mail messages left with Speed Channel officials were not immediately returned Monday afternoon.

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