Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh, California!

For once, I believe I can write a race preview that is short and sweet, because I can bypass the description of the California International Speedway, because it is so similar to Michigan, which I have gone into in depth twice in the past two months. Suffice it to say that I love the kind of racing that goes on at the 2 mile circuits as much as I do the demolition derbies at Bristol, though it is a completely different type of racing.
So, without repeating myself, I;m picking Greg Biffle to finally come through and win one. Though Matt Kenseth is on a roll, and can be considered the favorite, Biffle's luck has to change sometime, and this could be it. Don't bet on my pick, though, because it is gut feeling, not expertise that I base my pick on. However, if Goodyear is using a different tire compound than they did in Michigan--see, I even neglected to get the tire report--fuel mileage will come into play, and Da Biff's crew chief, Doug Richert, is very good at fuel mileage races. Bifle has nothing to lose except for the chance to show that he is still a winner of the championship class.
The stiff competition will come from Kenseth, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Burton, and Kyle Busch, the first five working to stay in the top ten, or, in Kenseth's case, to keep the best position possible going into the chase.
The only downer about this weekend is that I, being a traditionalist of sorts, still expect the laber day weekend race to be at Darlington, a very unique and interesting venue. But, those days are gone, and we have to accept change. Nothing wrong with reminiscing, though.
I enjoy the wide-open side by side racing that we get on these tracks, so once again I say it should be a good one.

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