Friday, January 26, 2007

I get to post something about Smoke

AP photo by Terry Renna
Well, they had the big media day in Charlotte, NC, Wednesday, and Tony Stewart seems to be the star of the show. Of course we want to hear what he has to say--he has probably become the most articulate of all the drivers. At least he is never boring. I like this quote from him, speaking about his new fitness:
"I almost feel like I'm getting asked out on a date, I look so good now."
Typical Stewart humor.


Clance' McClannahan said...

**Giant sigh** Yes, he is looking pretty darn good. I can hear Wendy clear across the world.
It's a good thing he has been working out. We are going to need him to battle the Alien's and save our world.LOL:)

Gvav1 said...

...and he can flat out vroom!