Sunday, January 06, 2008

Time's a gettin' near!

NASCAR Pre-Season Thunder begins this week and continues through next week. This is a definite sign that racing season is nearly here.
There are many reasons to be interested in testing this year. Personally, I am holding off on making any predictions for the season until after testing, mostly because the season is going to be so different in '08 than it was in '07. Oops, does that count as a prediction?
What I'll look for in testing:
New drivers Will Hornish, Dario, and Jaques start getting a handle on the car? They are getting opportunities here that will give them a chance to learn. We will see how they do in drafting practice, and maybe get a little insight into whether they will take to it as well as JPM did. We should also be getting a look at rookie sensations Michael McDowell, who has a huge racing resume at the tender age of 22, and Ragan Smith, who is showing the potential of being another Denny Hamlin.
Toyotas Of course. Will they post some top speeds during testing, and is JGR's addition to the Toyota fold making any difference now?
Action Something to do with racing is really happening. Daytona Testing shortens the off season considerably. We will get fired up for the new season, and will have something to get excited about. Speed TV will be airing a daily review of testing every day of the week, beginning Monday, Jan 7, at 7 PM ET


Babs said...

My cable won't be installed until Thursday. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! At least I'll have it for Speedweeks and the rest of the season! YEAH!

RevJim said...

Wow! It sure is great hearing from you again, Babs! Not to worry, there will be more Cup testing at Daytona next week, and I will try to post information concerning testing on a daily basis.
Matt clocked the 17th fasted cumulative speed (appropriate, eh?)on Monday, and Esad posted 13th.