Sunday, December 23, 2007

More from Good Times Auto Show

I thought I'd post some more cool pictures of cool cars from last August's Good Times Amature Auto Show, which takes place right here in my neighborhood on the west side of Colorado Springs.

This one reminds me of the cop cars in the old gangster movies.

"It's a new Baccaruda, I mean, Barracuda." Looks fast just standing still. Correction: It is not a Barracuda. Somehow, I had that in mind while I was looking at the cars--I had just been looking at a '69 Barracuda--that I was taking a picture of that car. It plainly says "Dodge" on the hood and it's a '73 Challenger RT

Classic Shelby Cobra.

Classic Mustang Shelby Cobra with original paint scheme.
Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon.


Robert said...

now that brings back some memories ...especially the Barracuda....

Racefan57 said...

Happy New Year Jim

Pikkel Weezel said...

New 'cuda? Are you insane?

RevJim said...

pikkel weezel, I was quoting an ad that was on TV before you were born. About when that car was built.
I did notice on your blog, that you may be insane, though.
I'm only "almost" not insane.