Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another retirement in the works?

I really feel for Kyle Petty. I know he hasn't said this publicly, but we know that he wants to put the #45 in victory lane, in honor of his son, and he wants to be the one to do it. But he isn't getting younger or faster, and I think the sweet spot in which he can improve is gone.
He could do the team much better, and even for the 45 car if he would step aside. He can promote VJGC just as well outside the car as he could driving it, and he really ought to think about wearing that owner's hat for a while.
From an article on

"I think Kyle knows he's been doing his job, and it's more a point that the team has let him down from the mechanical side," Loomis said. "We've had some mechanical failures. So we've got to do whatever it takes. Kyle is good at wearing his helmet, but he's good at putting on the owner's hat, too, and he realizes that whatever it might take to keep that car in the top 35 in points is more important than whoever might drive it."

I honor Kyle Petty as a member of the NASCAR racing organization, as a member of the Petty family, and as an actual part of NASCAR racing history. I would not deny him his desire to race., but he needs to think about what he is doing, and what he can do for his team.
It should be remembered that he is very good in the Rolex Grand Am cars, and perhaps he could satisfy his need for speed by getting more involved in that series.
Whatever he decides, I hope he knows what is right for the team.


michael said...

I agree. I can also empathize having lost a daughter in a car accident. He has a passion driven by pain

Tim Zaegel said...

Petty Enterprises just hasn't been a solid team in years, but Bobby LaBonte appears to be working on changing all of that. If Bobby can somehow manage to make the Chase this year, that could also mean good things for Petty fans.