Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Fox missed.

During Sunday's pre-race program on Fox there was an emotional moment as Darrell Waltrip, suffering from laryngitis, was presented with a car that he raced to an undefeated record at Bristol Motor Speedway during his career. That was all well and good, and was emotionally satisfying, but wasn't the big story supposed to be Dale Jarrett's last points race?
Granted, DJ works for a different network than DW, but DW already retired years ago, and Jarrett's retirement was Sunday. Certainly Waltrip deserved the award, but that could have been done at a different time.
I am not usually one to complain about NASCAR on television, but Fox missed out on the big story.
Here is what we missed while watching Fox:

Photo Credit: Fan's photo from the Web, thanks to SF at Racing Nascar


Trixie said...

I didn't get to watch the pre-race stuff. But that is a shame they didn't cover more on DJ since it was his last points race.

To be honest, it was nice to have DW's voice on the fritz. He has quite a bit of knowledge, but there are times I just scream at the TV...SHUT-UP!

Ryan Newman Fan said...

Ya know Rev....I never even really thought about it.

But you're completely right. The focus and everything should have stayed on Jarrett especially for the "Thanks Dale".