Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What makes a driver consider retirement?

There are some things that a team owner will say to or about a driver that may make that driver consider another line of work. However, it isn't just the newcomers who are subject hearing such things. Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon and a few others have all been on the receiving end of subtle and not so subtle hints that they may want to plan for retirement. The following aren't exact quotes, but are taken from actual situations or out of context from what was said.

If your name is Tony Stewart, and Joe Gibbs said something like, "We wanted you to retire with us, but if they are giving you a team, go for it," you have to think they won't miss you all that much.

Rick Hendrick to Jeff Gordon (taking creative license here): "We will do what we can to get your team turned around. Would you like to try somebody else as crew chief? Sure we'll get Darien Grubb. Oops, my bad, he's gone. Too bad, so sad." Jeff might be thinking HMS doesn't really need him all that much.

Jack Roush pretty much ignored Greg Biffle's victory at the Chase opener from Loudon. That isn't one of the cars he considered as having a potential to win the chase. When the owner tells the press that it was more because of the engineering of the car than it was the skill of the driver, you may begin to wonder what made you renew that contract.

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