Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pocono 500 picks

I really like Pocono. The "roaval," part road course, part oval speedway, as it is called, consistantly provides the race fan with exciting flag to flag racing. CRB (Cloudy Revelation Ball), however, does not like it. CRB considers the races at this unique raceway a "wild card."
Listen up, Candyman, and fans of the Yates #38 team, this is your chance to change your luck! CRB has ordered Elliott Sadler to win this race! Yates produces the most powerful engine on the track, and the Ford Fusion has proven itself a viable all-purpose package. The Candyman is an excellent all-purpose driver, and really needs to be able to show his stuff. The Candyman can do it.

Okay, Babs, I have repeated "Candyman" three times. In the strange universe of Luck and Fate, with its strange and obscure rules, this just might work!

I like the chances for Bobby Labonte. The #43 team has shown much potential for success so far this season, and Labonte is one of those drivers who has a handle on Pocono. If the Everham engine holds up, and Labonte's ability is not interfered with, Petty Racing may get its first victory this year. The #43 team is gelling, the talent and the determination are there, and the combination should be the formula for success at Pocono. CRB is clapping its flippers, wagging its tail, flapping its wings, and grinning, so this may a good pick. You never know.
Dale Jarrett is a seasoned veteran at this track, and has been somewhat successful here. He may, however, be seen as a "lame duck," already having announced his plans to leave Yates (note to RYR: GET VICKERS!). Yet Jarrett is a serious racer, and his drive to win, his love for racing, his tremendous talent, and his experience should overcome any urge to not give a scheiss.
Tony Stewart will be driving the entire event, practice sessions, qualifying, and the race. I don't have a whole lot of hope for him going 200 laps at Pocono without his injury bothering him, but he has done so well when injured before. So to Tony, I say "Oh Hell Yeah!." Let's get behind him Smoke fans. Wendy and Clance, and Tina Renee, and all the wonderful Smoke fans at the forums, let's hear it:


Whew! That was exciting.

Now that we're fired up, we should see who else we think will do well at the Pennsylvania 400. As much as I want to have faith in the JGR rookies, who are very good, I don't think that either JJ Yeley or Denny Hamlin are quite ready for this track. One rookie who may be very good would be Martin Truex, Jr. He has shown some brilliance at difficult tracks, even at his first attempts. He seems to have the right kind of attitude, and, even though we haven't mentioned him much on this blog, I do like him. Without much more to go on than optimistic speculation, which, by the way, is the norm for this blog, I think Truex may finish ahead of the other rookies at this race.
Smartass of the race will not, for once, be Kyle Busch. It will be his brother, Boo Bait Busch, in the Penske South #2 Miller Light car. Not to say Shrub won't be a smartass, just that big brother Busch will do better, both at being a smartass, and negotiating the roaval. Experience counts. I don't have any doubts about the ability of the #2 team, but I do lack some faith in the equipment. I am being very brave in saying this, because I am sure that Roger Penske knows where I live. If I get "disappeared," well, I just asked for it.
I want to see Ryan Newman do well here. I don't know why, because he is not one of my favorites, but neither is he one of the drivers I don't like. Maybe The Captain won't send his goons after me if I pick The Rocket to get a top ten finish.
We cannot leave out Robby Gordon. This guy is beyond hungry, he is absolutely feral. Still, he has enough of a head on his shoulders to be expert at running the roaval. I like to watch him race at Pocono, for his style is exciting, if not sometimes dangerous. Being feral may sometimes cause him to do some uncivilized things, but the importance of keeping his cool, not forgetting what he is capable of , and being able to finish in order to win is not lost on him. Not being a dummy will be instrumental in getting a top ten finish for America's Top Underdog.
We always pick Mark Martin to get a top ten finish. There is no reason not to, and no explaination or analysis is needed here.
In keeping on the same roll that mirrors a certain driver's success, I will not mention the name of the Roush driver who will fill out the top ten. Nor will I actively pick him. The former Winston Cup Champ will be there. If you are still curious as to who "Not to Mention" is, click here.
Gosh, I picked neither Jeff Gordon, nor Jimmy Johnson. Is that good or bad? I just don't think this is an HMS kind of track. They may take some drivers out, but I don't think they will have the car to finish in the top ten.
I promise I won't forget Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

I hope that the Pennsylvania 400 will be as exciting as we expect it to be. Long Pond is always something to look forward to.

1. #38 Elliott Sadler
2. #43 Bobby Labonte
3. #1 Martin Truex, Jr
4. Not to Mention
5. #20 Tony Stewart
6 #12 Ryan Newman
7. #6 Mark Martin
8. #88 Dale Jarrett
9. #2 Kurt Busch
10, #7 Robby Gordon


tazfan said...

Hi Jim.

Hope you are wrong about Tony. I really do. But I also hope that everyones fave driver has a good race.

Glad I got to drop in again!


RevJim said...

You know I want Smoke to win every race. And in a perfect world, the best driver (we know who that is) would win every race. But I don't want to seem greedy.
Congratulations to Denny Hamlin on winning the pole! I am not really all that superstitious, but I don't like to toy with fate, either, so I won't change my picks.

Babs said...

Once again, thanks for not jinxing Matt by mentioning his name!
I think Esad is immune to all good luck charms. Maybe someone but a big curse on Yates and nothing can break it. Bummer. Thanks for trying.