Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whoa Doods! Jeffy Dun It!

Yes, Jeff Gordon got his win number 74, tying the great Dale Earnhardt's Cup level wins. Though one of the great drivers, this doesn't mean that Jeffy is like Dale Earnhardt. Still, I'm not going to take from Gordon's victory at Sonoma, distasteful as it may be to those of us who are not Gordon fans. He deserved the win, and he drove the road course artistically. Gotta hand it to him.
Moving on, Congratulations to Johnny Benson on his second straight victory in the Craftsman Truck Series. Benson, a former Busch Series Champion has always been one of the popular drivers in NASCAR. There were many who though he may not have been aggressive enough for Cup, but he drove the MB2 #10 car, which just wasn't quite the equipment he needed. CTS, from my experience, has been as aggressive, if not more than, the Cup series, and Johnny has stood up to it just fine.

For those of you who don't think the Buschwhackers are good for the NBS series, I believe the proof that they do make better drivers of the NBS regulars is in the fact that Paul Menard won his first NBS race this past weekend at Milwaukee, being the second non Cup driver in the NBS to do so. Last week, David Gilliland, who is not even a full time Busch driver became the first non-Cup driver to do so this weekend. Racing the Cup guys in the Busch series seems to be paying off.

This rubbed me the wrong way, for some reason: At every NASCAR event across the nation, the request is made for "Gentlemen, please remove your hats for the presentation of the Colors..."
At Sonoma, it was "If you want, take off your hats..."
Anyone think there may be a line to political correctness?

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Babs said...

I didn't notice that at Sonoma! Interesting...