Sunday, November 04, 2007

Facing the Facts--Again

There are three absolutes we NASCAR fans have to accept after this weekend:
1) NHIS (now NHMS) will be reconfigured
2) Kentucky Speedway will never get a Cup date
3) Jimmie Johnson is the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion.
Now, you may argue about #3, but after Sunday's Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, Johnson seems unstoppable. Sure, Jeff Gordon is only thirty points behind, but how can you stop a guy who seems as though he is going to win no matter what.
Each time Matt Kenseth took the lead during the race, he checked out on the rest of the field. Except for when the #48 team decided it was time to go.
During the caution with 37 laps to go, Kenseth's #17 team took two tires for track position, while the #48 team took for. After the restart, Kenseth again took the lead and took off like a rocket. Speaking of Rockets, Ryan Newman was soon running in second place. We all know how hungry he was for a win. But with 11 laps to go, Johnson passed Newman as if he wasn't there. And with nine laps to go he had caught Kenseth.
And boys 'n' girls, did that race peg the wow meter! For nine laps, the #17 and #48 raced as hard as we have ever seen a race. They were taking the turns as if they were on a dirt track, going sideways like winged sprints, and side by side at that.
At one point, Johnson got Kenseth real loose, but Kenseth is better than good, because he saved it and held the lead. But every time we thought it was over, and that Johnson wouldn't be able to pass Kenseth, he came back again, even stronger. Finally, with two laps left to go, Johnson passed Kenseth and cleared him. That, folks, was the fat lady singing.
So, I ask, if a driver as great as Matt Kenseth can't beat Johnson in a race like that, how in the world could a driver as great as Gordon do it.
Johnson is destined to win the championship. Do you want proof? Except for my kind of sort of pick of Greg Biffle at Kansas, every pick I have made this season until now has resulted in disaster for the driver I picked. This time, I picked Johnson, a driver of whom I am not a fan, though I like him, and he broke the curse. Now, how is anybody going to beat a driver like that?
Update: Paul McMahon, the driver of the TSR #20 who was involved in a horrific accident at the WoO Finals earlier this weekend, was held in a hospital in Charlotte for observation and released. He is okay.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

good nes about ain't over yet the fat lady isn't even warming I am not going to give it to J.J. quite yet....Loudon will be configured and I have to side with dave Moody who is a New Enlander and is close to the situation...they will lose their chase race....

RevJim said...

If they lose their chase race, it will have to be replaced with another one mile track. The percentage of the types of tracks in the Chase has to be equal to the percentage of use in regular season. Does this mean NHMS will be replaced by Bristol in the 2009 Chase?

Racefan57 said...

All I know.. because speculation will only bring me disappointment.. is I hope to attend both NHMS races next year.

Amy said...

Don't pick tony to win at phoenix then!!!

Just kidding. I root for tony win or lose!!

It will be interesting for me this going to be watching the race with a staunch Gordon fan....hope we don't end up throwing stuff at each other :)

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

just an update...Kentucky Speedway lawsuit....according to sources inside the legal community..Kentucky might have a case...apparently nascar's legal stance isn't impressing the legal beagles...

ashbar said...

I can't believe you still look at my site! haha. It's so boring. Thanks for the congratulations by the way. =] I really think Colorado not playing for 8 days straight hurt them.

Charlie said...

Mark it down Jim. Gordon's going to be the Champ. Or maybe J... no it's Gordon for sure.