Friday, November 09, 2007

What I really think

Bruton Smith doesn't make the schedules, or sanction races. Likewise, Brian France gives the final approval to the schedule and sanctioning, but only after hearing recommendations and suggestions from the various NASCAR officers, ie. Mike Helton, John Darby, and their staffs.
They certainly won't listen to me, but I believe the best way for NASCAR to reach the entire country would be to have one race at each of thirty six tracks over the course of the season. No return trips. I know that a lot of Bristol and NHIS fans would disagree with me, but wouldn't it be better to see something different each and every week during the season? Wouldn't it be a better gauge of the driver's ability if he or she had to race at thirty six different tracks, rather than the same tracks twice a season. We don't need two races at California, or Texas, or Atlanta. If Bruton Smith sticks to his promises, Lowe's will be gone, possibly replaced by a 1 mile or shorter track.
Just think--that will leave room for Gateway, Memphis, and, possibly, another road course race at Salt Lake City. Maybe a dirt race or two could be included. Fewer Cookie Cutters will make the season more interesting.
That's all I can say for now, I must head off to my tomato dodging lessons.


Racefan57 said...

interesting Jim... but please... not another road course!!

Grimm said...

I am all for your proposal, even the road courses - no return trips and add 2 more to make it an even 4 road courses. An even number and superspeedways, speedways and short tracks.

Dirt Tracks? Probably not.

TSRFan said...

Currently NASCAR's 3 divisions run at 31 different tracks. Let's give each of those one race. That adds 2 road courses, Canada and Mexico. Throw in a couple of dirt tracks, Eldora Speedway and DuQuoin State Fairgrounds. And just to add a little excitement to the mix, run the dirt tracks like they are supposed to be run, Heat races and a Feature.

Of course, we'd still want the All Star race so one track would get two events.

TinaRenee said...

Hey! I'm all for a date at the Memphis track!!!

RevJim said...

tsrfan- Now, if only we could get John Darby to consider this!