Monday, June 23, 2008

Kalitta's death effects the entire racing community

There is a feeling of loss throughout the entire racing community, be it fans, teams or drivers, when one of the community loses his or her life. We watched in horror as, during the final round of NHRA Funny Car qualifying, Scott Kalitta's bright yellow car burst into flame at 330 mph and then exploded in a huge fireball as it hit the barrier beyond the end of the drag strip. Even though the news didn't come out until later, we knew immediately that the racing world had suffered another loss.

Scott Kalitta was a racer's racer, and a friend to all who knew him. A two-time NHRA champion, Kalitta won races in both Funny Car and Top Fuel divisions. He could have retired, but racing is what he knew and loved. He lived as a Racer, and died as a Racer.

Our most sincere wishes and prayers are for the peace and well being of Kalitta's family and friends, and may they continue to be touched by his Spirit.

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