Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Warning: The following has the look and feel of a hoax, and is, at best an unconfirmed rumor. However, if you wish to pass it on, please do. We will be awaiting a call of employment from Sports Illustrated Online, ESPN, The New York Times, or the National Enquirer.

An unnamed source has probably confirmed that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. may be considering exercising his option to be released from his contract with Hendrick Motorsports. It may be reported that Richard Childress has possibly offered Earnhardt a seat in the #3 Chevrolet made famous by Earnhardt's late father. This will possibly leave Hendrick open to hire Tony Stewart, who is reported by unnamed sources to be leaving Joe Gibbs Racing at the end of this year, to drive the #88 car in 2009.

"Well, um," Earnhardt, Jr. may have been reported to have said, " It has, you know, always, well, been a, um, you know, dream, you know, of, well, mine, to, um, carry on, you know, my, well, Dad's, um, name in the same, you know, number car that he, um..."

At that point, the alleged reporter's tape reportedly ran out. Meanwhile Tony Stewart, who, according to unnamed sources, has not confirmed that he will be driving for Joe Gibbs in 2009, has not denied that he will accept the alleged offer from Rick Hendrick.

"We would be very happy to have him (Stewart) on our team," Hendrick could have said. "We might have to train him to be more friendly and open to the press, but we can not deny that his talent would be a great asset to Hendrick Motorsports."

It is not known if Tony Eury, Jr, Earnhardt, Jr.'s cousin and Crew Chief, will be going with Earnhardt to Richard Childress, nor is it known if Stewart's long-time Crew Chief and friend, Greg Zippadelli, will be going with Stewart to HMS.

"I haven't talked to Zippy about it, yet," Stewart is reported to have said, "I want him to be able to concentrate on winning races this year."

Credence can be given to this alleged report by the fact that Tony Stewart has been caught in front of the television cameras talking to Rick Hendrick, Jeff Gordon, and Casey Mears. Also, Dale Earnhardt, Jr has been seen talking to Clint Bowyer of Richard Childress Racing.

According to the unnamed sources, Craftsman Tools could possibly reportedly be the sponsor of Jr.'s #3 car.

"Craftsman has long been associated with NASCAR, and it would be good for us to have them aboard," Richard Childress could possibly say, "But we don't want that stupid pit robot. Look at all the problems it has caused Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth, leaving two lug nuts loose on each wheel. They can keep the robot."

It is suspected that if Stewart drives the #88 car for Hendrick in 2009, he will be Amped.


TSRFan-John said...

This guy that I work with has a cousin who knows a guy who used to live next door to this guy that grew up just down the street from a guy that has some inside knowledge and he says that it's guaranteed that if Tony Stewart leaves Joe Gibbs Racing after this year somebody else will be in the 20 car in 2009. You can take that to the bank.

Cheyenne said...

Who the heck sits and dreams this crap up? Junior has always said he does not want to drive the #3. He would be in his father's shadow, something he is trying to get away from. Besides, the #3 has been reserved for Austin Dillon, Richard's grandson. Can't they just let it go at that?
Tony will do what Tony wants to do, and we all just have to wait and see what that is.

RevJim said...

Cheyenne, I was just making fun of the people, mostly those in the "mainstream media," who are playing the rumor mill for everything its got. There have been too many statements based on "He hasn't denied, etc."
Some of this is from various forums (oops, there goes the anonimity of my "unnamed sources")but to be honest, I was the one sitting around dreaming it up.

Cheyenne said...

Geez, RevJim, ya gotta let me know this stuff before I go getting my panties all in a bunch. Thanks for letting me know it was a tongue-in-cheek article though.

Diecast Dude said...

I have taught you well, my son.

-- Darth Blogger

Mike Marshall said...

You guys!!!!!!!! Shucks! Peace, Mike.

Tim Zaegel said...

Hey, Jimbo ... gave ya some love over at doyounascar.com. =)

Bruce Simmons said...

LMAO.. tsrfan-john.. I love your "sources"... I think I am related to someone who passed someone on the street who... oh nevermind.. good one John.

Antonette said...

Good Lord man, for the love of all that is Holy...thanks for giving me the ol' "Whaaaaaaaaaat?" and then faints routine.


Chey and I are now trying to un-bunch our panties that are shoved way up our .....ya know.