Thursday, June 05, 2008

Prelude a Dream for Stewart, Victory Junction Gang Camp

Photo credit: 2008 Eldora Speedway Digital Photo Album Please click the hypertext for the photo album, there are some great pictures.

It seems a good time was had by all at the fourth annual "Prelude to the Dream" charity race event at Tony Stewart's Eldora Speedway. Stewart himself won the event, and handed Kyle Petty a check for $1,000,000 for Victory Junction Gang Camp. Robby Gordon placed second, in his very first dirt racing event, once again showing that, though he may not be successful in his NASCAR Cup career, he is still one of the best all-around drivers in the business.

Stewart's win was, of course, "controversial," as he does own the track, and he used his car to pack down the surface of the wetter than normal track prior to the event, raising good-natured accusations of "conspiracy" from his competitors. It was Stewart's second win in the event.

In case anyone was wondering, Smoke and his crew did climb the fence.

You may read about the event here.


Tim Zaegel said...

It's about time Stewart wins one of this dang things ... where'd he finish last year? 22nd?

Trixie said...

It was nice to see Tony win something lately. Of course the #19 was nowhere near the track (he he).

If you didn't catch the Prelude it was awesome, just like last year.