Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Really Want To Like Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle loves animals. His dogs are as well known to his fans as he himself is. He spends much time and money benefiting animal welfare organizations, such as the Humane Society and Dream Power. It’s difficult to not like a guy who loves puppies and kittens.
And then there’s his crew chief, Doug Richert, who is probably, in my opinion, one of the best of the active crew chiefs in NASCAR today, if not the best. His first job as crew chief came when he was a child of 18 years, when he was hired as Dale Earnhardt’s crew chief. No-one can balance a car for downforce tracks like Richart. If you watch that #16 cup car, you’ll see the nose lift for the turns and suck down for the straight-aways. It is beautiful; it is Zen-like. Greg Biffle knows how to take full advantage of a car like that, which is part of what has made him a successful driver.
There is Biffle’s driving skill. He is already a past champion of both the Craftsman Truck Series and the NASCAR Busch Series, and is in a very good position to be the first NASCAR Triple Crown winner since the beginning of the Winston Cup (now Nextel) series in 1971. He has the ability to somehow make his car behave in the turns as if he were on a dirt track, going nearly sideways in the center of the turn to get a straight line to the exit. I haven’t seen many other drivers do this on pavement with as much consistency and purpose as the Biff does. He is not really an all-around driver, but his skills and successes on the down force ovals, which make up 2/3rds of the Nextel Cup schedule, more than make up for the talent he lacks on the short tracks and road courses.
While PPIR was open, I had the pleasure of watching the Biff race up close, in both the Truck and the Busch series. He often scared me, but he always made the race exciting and entertaining.

But I don’t like him because:
Actually, I can’t put my finger on this. I really can’t say why I don’t like Greg Biffle. Maybe it’s because the “bug-eyed monster” occasionally shows up. The Biff tends to take up the entire track doing his magic in the turns. In the past, he seems to have forgotten that there are other cars on the track. He seems, for the moment, to have remedied that tendency. He still says some dumb things, but don’t all drivers do that? And there is the question of “if it wasn’t for Richert, would he look as good as he does now?” I don’t know, because he certainly a good wheel, as he showed in the Busch and Truck series, but his pre-Richert record in Nextel Cup racing is only a little short of unremarkable.

Could I become a Biffle fan?
Yes. I may be already, but just haven’t accepted it yet. That's right,
I may be a "closeted" Biffle fan. But you have to have somebody good to race against, don’t you? If Biffle can hone his skills as a Cup driver to the level he has in the other two upper tier series, he will definitely become a “great.” I actually feel bad about not liking him, almost as if I didn’t like Mark Martin. (Stream of Conscience flows here) If I didn’t like Mark Martin, I wouldn’t admit it, because the NASCAR Fans Inquisition would be at my door with battering rams and torches, and it would be barbecue time for the Rev. However, Biffle fans understand that their driver is aggressive, and unpopularity can be expected with an aggressive driver. Believe me, as the fan of another aggressive driver, I can certainly empathize.
So, God Bless Greg Biffle, and thanks to the Biff, and to the now defunct Pike’s Peak International Raceway for the thrills and great racing memories.


Babs said...

I know. I just can't like the guy for some reason. He seems nice enough. He loves animals. I bought his NASCAR drivers and pets animal calendar. But that "Bug eyed dummy" comment remains in the back of my head every time I see him. And he really bad-mouths other drivers too much after he's in a wreck or something.
I guess I sorta like him as a person, but I don't like seeing him win so much. I like his crew chief a lot more than him!!

Check out Tina Renee's blog on my links for some of the latest Tony Stewart news. She's hooked up to many news feeds and has some of the best Tony info out there.

Green Green Green! said...

just came across your blogsite and thought I'd share mine as well. we seem to have SOME of the same opinions however I've met Jeff Gordon and have liked him ever since. don't let the whole post-race/pre-race TV interview thing influence you, in my mind he could be excused for being a jerk considering his fame but...he's anything BUT.
So anyway, here's mine and my friends NASCAR blog, it can be a bit sarcastic and nasty but...I guess that's how WE are sometimes!
keep writin' and racin!

Clance' McClannahan said...

Anew NASCAR blog avbove I see...I will run and take a look....but in regards to your post...I have a love/whydo I kie him, I am not sure thing of my own. I feel like I should like him(he's from Vancouver) he is a very caring humanitarian, but yet there is that little grrrrrr....when I see him sometimes. Maybe it's my Tony loyalty. No...it's not. He's a whiner. That's all it is. I freaking can't stand whining.
I do expect him to have a top 3 in the Chase finish this year tho. He has a fabulous scope, professionally and personally.
He is a pretty funny guy in an innocuous way.