Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Inside The Rev's Mind?

This probably won't make much sense, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If you didn't watch any of the prerace shows, it more than likely won't make any sense. But the AutoZone 500 wasn't much to look at, and I guess the best way to share my thoughts is to publish my notes I took while waiting for the race to start. So here, unedited and in pure form as the thoughts popped into my head, are my notes from the AutoZone 500:

Lap Event/Comment/Quote ---------------------
Thoughts: Great interview with Greg Zippadelli. I like Wendy Venturini's comment that they have been together so long they look like brothers, but my favorite quote was from Zippy about Tony. “You can’t take that fire from him.”
I have noticed that many of the true Tony Stewart fans have come to accept that. I have, I know. It is what makes Tony what he is. It’s what makes being a Stewart fan exciting, and it’s part of what makes Tony make an exciting race.
Other thoughts: I still can’t figure out why I don’t like Greg Biffle. I have to make him the next subject of my “I really want to like” series.
I really get a kick out of FedEx commercials. I think, in Denny Hamlin, they have a driver they really like, thanks to JD Gibbs.
Mark Dove in promo for new Fox program “Free Ride.” (plugging for a Nextel Cup track in Missouri. “We want to make it old school. Have the drivers carry moonshine in the back of the car.”
Happy to see the actors from 24, one of two or three shows I make it a point to watch that have nothing to do with racing.
Happy that Scott Riggs made the race. Good luck to you, Scotty.
Hammond: “I think you have to go through Joe Gibbs Racing to get the championship.” I may be biased, but I think he knows what he is talking about.
Newman’s comment “maybe (Johnson) still had an illegal car,” is probably the most ridiculous comment made by a driver since Jimmy Spencer was a full time driver.
Tony likes Chris Meyers. Tony has the same recurring dream I often do. Serious. Is it something to do with being left-handed?
I actually like DW and Hammond’s drive around feature better than Wally’s celebrity drive around on NBC’s NASCAR coverage.
Are they going to have the pre-race concert every week? I guess it’s for ratings, but I want to see racing.
Loved the UPS pit stop commercial.
Got a chuckle out of “Whoa, Jimmie’s down,” NASCAR promo, but Jimmie could sure use some acting lessons before he does another one like that. Maybe it’s because it was so stupid that I’m still laughing about it.

198 #20 engine goes. Tony still positive about rest of season. Probably
happy to have a week off.
225 That was amazing how Harvick missed hitting the #2 car when Kurt Busch spun.


Babs said...

Jewel made me want to fall asleep. But maybe it's a California thing to have a relaxing song before a race.

That was amazing how Harvick missed Kurt's spin. Both are very lucky!!

Clance' McClannahan said...

Hey I have that dream too and I am left handed too. Maybe your onto something....