Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Tribute

Joe Clark loved to build things. A free lance carpenter, he built cabinets for new and remodeled homes, and did restoration work in older houses. He loved music, and you could tell where he was on a job site just by following the sound of Classical symphonic music coming from his radio. He also loved the Blues, and made his appreciation of it known to me whenever he heard me play harmonica. And he loved people, never having a bad word to say about others, and always being interesting to talk to. Although somewhat shy, he enjoyed the company of others and his company was always enjoyable. His testimony of the Spiritual was personal, genuine, and very strong. When he fell ill, he regretted not being able to work, and not being able to go fishing, for he also loved being with Nature.
I learned yesterday that Joe had fallen to Lymphomia last Saturday, January 28. He was only 64. For his friends, family and myself, it is not a time of mourning, but a time of celebration, and Joe would think it silly for us to mourn him. No-one has said, “He is with God, now,” because he has always been with God. Indeed, the sense of God’s Presence was always strong when Joe was around. He didn’t fear death, he didn’t even acknowledge death. His life showed greatness without fame. His generousity provided gifts far beyond the Material. He lived well and died well. We who love him will sorely miss him, but we will not mourn him. Instead, we will celebrate, and congratulate him, for he has passed his final exam and graduated from this school called “life” with flying colors.

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