Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Favorite NASCAR Cartoonist: Lori Munro

I have been checking Lori's site, Lori Munro's War Wagon at least once weekly for about three years now. She is a very good cartoonist, seems to be a Smoke fan, and is often very funny. She also seems to have Clance's attitude toward Kurt Busch, which is also often funny.
I found this article on Lori's web site. It is exciting news for her and her fans:

Press Release-Lori Munro's Art Accepted by Hickory Museum of Art
On April 29th an exhibit of "NASCAR Inspired Art" will debut at the Hickory Museum of Art. Stock Car Pit Pass and Race Team USA are proud to announce that our graphic artist Lori Munro will be among artists chosen for this prestigious exhibit. Inspired by the "Color of Speed," Lori is the creator of the popular "War Wagon" cartoon. Her unique digital media art starts with a Sharpie marker and a vivid imagination! Lori's work has also been on display since August 2005 at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Iowa. Her work will be featured at the Hickory Museum of Art in Hickory, North Carolina along with other stock car racing artists including Garry Hill and Randy Owens.

On May 20th from 10am until 2pm the Hickory Museum of Art will have their "NASCAR Festival." This event is free to the public and will feature real racecars, drivers, and some of the artists participating in the exhibit. The Hickory Museum of Art is a United Arts Funded Affiliate of the Catawba County Council for the Arts located at 243 Third Avenue NE in Hickory, North Carolina. (Part of the "Salt Block" Arts and Science Center of Catawba County) For more information call 828-327-8576.

Opportunities still exist for corporate sponsors to get involved with the inaugural "NASCAR Inspired Art exhibition," which opens to the public on April 29th and runs through September 17th.

Information About the Hickory Museum of Art
In the short span of about ten years after its inception in 1943, Hickory took the lead in the Southeast as being the first city to establish a museum of American art. With the help of artists associated with the National Academy of Design in New York (established in 1823), the Hickory Museum of Art became what was called the "Southern Outpost of the National Academy." Among the artists represented in the HMA collection are names such as Gilbert Stuart, Thomas Cole, Asher B. Durand, J. Fredrick Kensett, William Merritt Chase, Worthington Whittredge, F. Ballard Williams, Eanger Irving Couse, Elliot Daingerfield, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Hobart Nichols, Albert T. Bricher, Edward Potthast, and many others.





Clance' McClannahan said...

I wanna go...*whine.

Babs said...

I wish they would bring back Ward Burton! I miss trying to figure out what he is saying during interviews!