Saturday, May 06, 2006

Richmond Preview

So, I’m watching the Avalanche get their butts kicked by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, in the NHL playoffs, with ten laps to go in the Busch race, and I have an attitude, tonight. So, do I watch the Avs play miserably and lose, or do I watch this excellent finish between Happy and Jeff B? Hah, guess which I watched. To those who hate the buschwackers, how could you ever hope for this kind of racing if they weren’t there? My decision tonight is a no-brainer--as much as I like hockey, racing is much better.
I will go no further until I express my extreme pleasure at the fact that Harvick is staying with Childress. Racing needs that.
So it is with this attitude that I will proceed with my pre race analysis for the Crown Royal 500. Damn, I love racing!
My CRB (Crystal Revelation Ball) is off strike and we are ready to pick.
Well I’m not going to mess around. Tony Stewart will win. He loves this track, and he has the car and the skill and he will kick butt. I know I sound cocky about this, but this is much more than rooting for my favorite driver. Smoke will win. And that’s all I need to say about the Richmond race.

Well, okay, there are others who could win. Don’t discount Ray Everham and Kasey Kahne. The #9 team is on a roll, and the restricter plates are off, and the cute little guy will definitely drive his ass off and make a good run for it. He has the skill, and he is making up for the two years he almost won. Don’t forget that it was at Richmond where he won his first Cup race. And, this year, the team is operating much better than it was last year. You give a driver of Kahne’s talent enough time and he will be a winner.
Greg Biffle, says the CRB, has finally used up all of his bad luck. I have said it before, and I still maintain that I am not a fan. But I love to watch him race at Richmond. It is time for him to get a top five finish and break the chains that have held him back so far this year.
Forget about Jimmy Johnson and Jeffy Gordon--Richmond is not their kind of track. However, expect Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch to make a good showing for HMS. I am really beginning to “unlike” the Shrub, but that is because of his attitude, not his driving ability. I really like the way his driving style is all about Richmond. He is a short track guy, at heart, and, if he doesn’t do anything stupid (fat chance) he has a shot at taking the checkers.
The CRB really likes Robby Gordon. Robby knows how to build a good race car, and he is the kind of driver that Richmond likes. It isn’t only sentimental feelings here, Robby knows his stuff, and I think he will get his best finish to date, as an owner/driver.
Denny Hamlin likes flat tracks. He likes short tracks. He has a good car. I think he will continue to impress us at Richmond. It won’t be easy, but he does know how to do this.
I don’t have to say anything about Mark Martin, except that he will, once again, show why he is one of the all-time greats.
Did I mention Ryan Newman or Boo Bait? Well now that I did, I don’t think either Penske car is ready for Victory Lane at the short tracks, yet. Newman tends to overthink what he is doing, and really needs to rethink his attitude. He seems to have forgotten that he can drive a car. Kurt Busch is still busy trying to get his team together. He could do it, but I don’t think he will even make the top ten in this race.
JJ Yeley just may get a top ten finish here. He has still make a lot of mistakes, but he has also shown that he can learn from his mistakes. In fact, he as learned more this season than any other driver. I put him on the bubble for a top ten finish, but the CRB says that he will finish ninth or tenth at Richmond.
Which doesn’t leave enough room for Matt Kenseth. I think that the modern day David Pearson will make a serious push for the win. He should, at least, regain the points lead here. But my CRB doesn’t see it.
There should be more than ten spots for the top ten, and if there were, I would have to include Scott Riggs and Kevin Harvick. Yes, Scotty could do it, and Kevin just finished an excellent race against Jeff Burton, and it was an event that reminds me why I like racing so much.
Now that I have come a full circle--wait a minute, the Avs lost 0-5. Now that I have come full circle, here are my top ten picks for this week, take it or leave it.

1. Tony Stewart
2. Greg Biffle
3. Kasey Kahne
4. Mark Martin
5. Denny Hamlin
6. Robby Gordon
7. Kyle Busch
8. Brian Vickers
9. Matt Kenseth
10. Scott Riggs.

It’s short track racing. Short track racing good!


Donna said...

Ahhh I'd have loved to see Tony win, but at least it was Dale Jr. and not freakbutt Jeff Gordon, or Jimmie Johnson (can't stand them two) Have a good day.

RevJim said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by. I can usually tolerate Jimmie, but Jeffy is kind of hard for me to take. Can't explain it, but he always has been.