Monday, May 08, 2006

Richmond Hindsight

05/07/2006: I have a lot to write about today, but this won't be posted until Monday evening.

Nobody's perfect, but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I am jinxing drivers by picking them to win. I was right about Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle in my pre-race picks. Da Biff did break his unlucky streak, and Denny Hamlin did, indeed, finish very well. But I also picked Scott Riggs and Brian Vickers to finish in the top ten and they wrecked each other with only a few laps left. Kasey Kahne didn't fair well, either, and Mark Martin made an early pit stop, resulting in a penalty which kept him out of the top ten. I won't even mention Matt Kenseth. I better let Babs know that I am sorry for mentioning him in my preview. It doesn't ever work out for him when I do. But I didn't mention Dale, Jr, and he won. Okay, let me try this: Boo Bait will win Darlington next week.
While I'm at it, I'll predict that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks will will sweep the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL playoffs and go on to win the Stanley Cup.
All kidding aside (I hope I'm kidding), it was a very good race. This season, so far, has been the best in years. As much as I hate the concept of "parity," it seems to be working out, as far as racing excitement and entertainment go. Some of the young drivers who have been over-aggressive to the point of rashness in the past, seem to have settled down, and have added much to the quality of competition. Let there be fourteen or fifteen teams in the "Chase for the Championship" this fall. Oh My God, did I just make another "prediction?" Let's just call it a projection, because, if the level of competition remains as it is now, or gets even stronger, there will be more than ten teams in the chase. That should make it interesting.
My radio chatter quote of the week comes, once again from My Favorite Driver. The #20 team was having troubles getting a good set up on the car, and had been working on it the entire race. Zippy told Smoke, "Just keep driving your ass off."
"Okay," replied Tony, "I've got plenty of that."
Attitude has a lot to do with winning. The self-deprecating humor, the overall light-heartedness are considered by many as aspects of the "new" Tony Stewart. Those of us who have been fans of Stewart for a while have known that side of him all along. It is nothing new, but it has come to the forefront of his personality. And, so it seems, as long as that side of him is the side he shows, he, and his team, will have a winning attitude.
Speaking of Smoke, on May 21, Tony Stewart is scheduled to co-host Dave Despain's Wind Tunnel. This is a must for Tony fans, but, if it is anything like his previous appearances on the program, all race fans, like him or not, should watch the program. The man's savvy about all things racing is incredible, which shows that his racing ability is much more than dumb luck.
Best post-race quote: “I knew they were cheering for Junior, but I pretended it was for me”-Denny Hamlin.
Well du-uh department: “Why do you always hear the crowd cheering for Junior, and not for Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon?”-caller on Wind Tunnel who obviously doesn’t have a clue.

I don't know how many Formula One fans read this blog. I don't expect very many, as I have been remiss at reporting my views on the races this season. But, I am passionate about racing, and I write what I am passionate about. The European Gran Prix, which ran early Sunday Morning, was not as exciting as the Italian Gran Prix two weeks ago, but it did have its moments, particularly in pit strategy. The end result was pretty much the same, with Michael Schumacher holding off Fernando Alonso, the current points leader and reigning champion, for the win. What is exciting about it, is that Schumacher, seven time World Champion, is back from his depressing slump of last year. Schumacher, who still shows a rookie's enthusiasm for the sport, celebrates each win as it it was his first, showing that his passion for racing is still intact. He may be on his way to an eighth championship. Who cares, you ask? There are an estimated 300 million Formula One fans world wide, making it, perhaps, the most popular sport on this particular plane of reality.
At any rate, racing is still the number one sport in my plane of reality, and I toast all who share this plane. Keep going fast!

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Babs said...

hehehe... It's your fault Matt's brake rotor broke and punctured his oil tank!! Okay, not really. Now if it keeps happening, I will start to wonder. After last season, I'm pretty happy with where he's at right now.
Some of the rookies are doing really great and I will have to mark my calendar to catch Tony on Wind Tunnel.