Sunday, October 28, 2007

Facing the facts

After losing hope that my favorite driver would win the Pep Boys 500 at AMS, I remained hopeful that one of my next favorites, Matt Kenseth might take the checkers. When hope faded for that possibility, I had to accept that a driver whom I have no feelings for or against, Jimmie Johnson, would win the race. And, I have to admit, I found that I was happy that he won.
Johnson had pledged, along with the other Hendrick drivers, he would donate his winnings to the Red Cross, in relief of the wildfire victims in California. Not only that, but AMS track owner Bruton Smith pledged to match the donation of the winner, making a contribution totalling over one million dollars to the relief effort.
With that in mind I celebrate Johnson's victory, and praise him for his generosity. That still doesn't mean he has become one of my second favorite drivers, but I do respect him for making the pledge.
That being said, I have to concede that Tony Stewart probably won't be the 2007 Nextel Cup Champion. Though is is mathematically still in the Chase, it seems that Fate has decided that this wouldn't be his year. That's okay, because that means he can have fun now, which means he can probably win a race or two before the season is up. At any rate, it would be safe to say that the pressure is off, for this season, at least.
With three races to go, it is now a three way contest for the championship. Only four points separate Johnson from the Chase leader, Jeff Gordon. Clint Bowyer is still in contention, though his chances of winning the championship Chase are contingent on the two leaders having some bad luck, which, in turn, seems less likely to happen with every race.
When I watch a race, I watch it as a fan of racing. Being a Tony Stewart fan is secondary to being a racing fan. We can expect some stiff competition between the three viable Championship contenders, while seeing some excellent competitiveness among all the other drivers. And now, I don't have to worry about who is going to be the champion. Racing is good.


Trixie said...

I have to agree. I have resided with the fact that Tony will not be contending for the championship this year. It's an uphill battle..up a very muddy hill. I could tell he has resided to it as well in the pre-race interviews.

Cheyenne said...

I'm not a fan of any of the top 3 in the Chase, but it sure would be an upset if Bowyer would win it all, now wouldnt'it?

Anonymous said...

Atlanta was the nail in Smokes coffin...but I still think something is going to happen to the top 2 with all the strange happenings this stands to reason it has to hit them eventually as well...Bowyer is interesting he seems to be good at avoiding the knockout punch and is still well within range

RevJim said...

I just can't get this darn Jeff Gordon Voodoo doll to work right.

Charlie said...

I know how to bring Clint and Tony back into contention. I will pick Gordon and Johnson in my fantasy game the next two races. That is sure to wreck any chance they have of finishing well. Keep pushing those pins Jim.

RevJim said...

I've been trying the fantasy pick thing, Charlie, it works, because I still can't pick a winner, but it doesn't help the drivers who I want to win because they just have something else happen.