Thursday, October 04, 2007

Look out! I have some more random thoughts.

With all the worry by Kyle Busch and The Gordon, about Jaques Villeneuve at Talledega for his first stock car race, we seem to be forgetting one thing:
This is the first race for everybody in the CoT car at Talledega.
The Gordon and Jaques are on equal footing as far as experience in the car goes.
The Canadian Curmudgeon points out how difficult it is to pick a winner at Talledega, and also reminds us that the track is built on an Indian Burial ground, which should tell us that no matter what kind of car is being used, strange things will happen.
I will forego making any kind of predictions for Sunday until after qualifying. And even then, I may not.
Except for this: I predict the Big One will happen with eighteen laps to go.
Just a gut feeling.
Will the Cup drivers shun the Nationwide Racing Series (my suggestion for the series name) next year? I don't think so. The drivers will still be there for the competition and the love of what they do. Even with Yates dropping out, there are still a few Cup owners with cars in the series, along with JMS and KHI, and these owners will still be interested in seeing how their developmental drivers stack up against the top drivers in the NNCS. Besides, there will still be plenty of openings in the field, and not even the NRS owners Like Braun and Brewer will want to see their cars get wrecked by an over abundance of unproven drivers. But we won't be able to call them "Buschwhackers" any more. Any suggestions for a new name?
Scott Riggs won't be driving for GEM next year, but he will be racing in the #66 car, which means he won't have to qualify for the first five races. Will this change his luck?
Question--Will Ashley Judd make a name for herself in NASCAR by complaining about the other drivers? An interesting poll question would be Which Driver Do You Predict will be Ashley's favorite target? Please answer in the Comments section.
And, what about David Stremme? Will he be in Cup next year? For whom will he be driving if he is in Cup? Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Left Turns


Anonymous said...

smoke wins the Ashley poll...I don't know if it will be 8 laps in for the big one ..there will be a feeling out period there I think..maybe...mmmm....I thought about lap 30 myself...I will have to consult the Medicine Man...

RevJim said...

I'm going to guess Mikey Waltrip for the Ashley poll. She doesn't like back markers.