Friday, October 26, 2007

If accused of being a troll, write like a troll.

Contrary to popular belief, Atlanta Motor Speedway is not a "cookie cutter" track. Though similar in layout to Texas and Lowe's Motor Speedways, the transitions between the straightaways and turns in all three are different. The surface and track conditions also make a difference, as does the fact that AMS is slightly longer--by .4 tenths of a mile--than the other two. That slight difference makes the straightaways slightly longer and the turns slightly wider, making the track slightly faster. In addition, the surface at AMS is well seasoned, and there is plenty of room for passing and choosing alternate lines of travel.
Now, before I go into my picks, I have to ask some questions; If I suggest that Jeff Gordon may not win a race, is that considered bashing? If I say that Jeff Gordon is one of the best drivers of our time, rather than saying that he is the best driver of all time, does that mean I'm a Gordon hater?
Apparently, there are a large number of posters on the Auto Racing Forum, at That's Racin'.Com who believe that I am a Jeff Gordon hater and basher. I don't recall ever writing anything about Jeff Gordon as derogatory as some of the posts I've seen there about Tony Stewart.
I apologize if I have ever offended any Jeff Gordon fans, and to prove that I highly respect not only Jeff Gordon, but his protoge Jimmie Johnson, I will post one of my favorite photos of the two great racers from Hendrick Motorsports here:

As you can see, they are very good, kind, and friendly looking, and children love them.
Notice: To those who think this is meant to be derogatory, this is just a picture of two puppets who remind me of Jeff and Jimmie. This is not meant to insinuate that Jeff and Jimmie are puppets, cartoon characters, or gay, nor is it meant to insinuate that Hendrick Motorsports fans are children, just that some of them sometimes act like children.
As for my picks this week, I think the winner will be the Sam's Town 250 at Memphis. There will be fewer Cup drivers than usual in that race, in fact I believe JJ Yeley, Jamie McMurray, David Regan, and Carl Edwards will be the only Cup regulars entered.
This will give the Busch regulars, like Jason Leffler, Marcus Ambrose, and Stanton Barret a chance to show what they can do without the higher level competition in the race. I like the Memphis race track, and the Sam's Town 250 is always good for thrills and good short track racing. Besides Leffler and Ambrose, other drivers to watch should be future superstars Brad Coleman and Brad Keselowski. As far as I know, Lauren Wallace will not be in the race. (Oh man, now they are going to get me for bashing Lauren Wallace.)
Back to Atlanta--I do not think this will be the race that Kyle Busch gets fed up with being treated like the proverbial "red headed step child" at HMS. Johnson and Gordon will probably play it safe this race, and not try to win unless it looks like it could be done without much risk. Busch should finish ahead of his team mates, and will wait for his revenge until his final race with the Hendrick team.
It should be one of the better, and saner races of the Chase, so far, and, once again we say, "Anything Can Happen."


vroom said...

Happy weekend preacher!

marc said...

It's regular cesspool over there isn't it?

The crowd that hangs around Kathys blog are the most hateful, misinformed lunatics in NASCAR Nation.

What amazes me is how Kathy stays in "business" over there.

Another blogger there, Carol, had about the same type of commenters and was summarily booted.

The only thing I can think of is she has something on Bob Henry who is the editor for Thats Racin.