Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Silly stuff

The story goes that Dale Earnhardt's widow was so angered by the attempted takeover of her corporation by her stepchildren, Dale Jr. and Kelly, that she attempted to bring her company to ruin by sabotaging the engines in Dale Jr's racecars so they would fail whenever he came close to winning a race.
Now, it seems that her devious ways have come back to haunt her, as the engine in Martin Truex, Jr's car blew up while he was in contention for at least a top five finish in last Sunday's Samsung 500. Perhaps she forgot to undo all the damage she caused?
Personally, I don't think she is capable of that. She is a former Miss Winston, and her sole purpose in life is to smile and look pretty. In short, she is a born and bred bimbo. That is why Max Seigel is running the business.


David said...

Amen, Reverend!

Antonette said...

::Gasps!:: Ooooh you're such a meany! You know Teresa wouldn't do anything to cause issues over at DEI. ::cough::

I personally don't think she's a bimbo, however I do believe she has her head up her rectum when it comes to being a good team owner.

Cheyenne said...

I just want you to know that your post made my day...and then some. No truer words could have been spoken about this issue. When Senior left this earth, he took whatever brains she had with him. They were great together...but she has lost her magic charm. God rest his soul.

Tim Zaegel said...

Heh. It's funny, really. I've never been much of a Dale Jr fan, but Theresa Earnhardt really crawls under my skin. I don't have any real dislike for Truex, but each week I constantly root for a DEI engine to blow.

Serves that winch right!