Sunday, April 13, 2008

What is this "baseball" thing anyway?

In my most recent item, it was surmised that the reason there weren't more people in the stands was that there was a baseball game in town during the same time period.
Saturday, when Fox waited until the end of the first lap of the Subway Fresh 500 to cut from their coverage of a game that was, for all practical purposes, over, was when some points of wonder came to mind.
This is not to disparage baseball, which is still the "National Passtime" to millions of people, nor is it to suggest that the telecast of the game should have been cut short. For the people in the Northeastern part of the country--those to whom the game was important Fox should have continued coverage until the last out. For the rest of the country, they could have started the telecast of the race in time for the opening ceremonies. After all, they had already started the baseball coverage on their FX cable network.
So, we watched patiently for twenty minutes while men adjusted their hats and belts, and chewed gum. Which brings me to what I was wondering:
Why, when there is a race going on, especially one with the quality of Friday night's Nationwide series race, would anyone want to sit through three hours of watching guys adjust their hats, belts, and athletic cups, chew gum, and scratch their hineys?
Just wondering.
There is this, at least, in favor of baseball:

Now, that must have been an exciting moment!
(Photo from email circulation and unattributed)


David said...

Better, I suppose, to have a broken bat coming at ya rather than a careening Dodge (or some sharp piece of it) at 180 mph. Baseball fans duck, NASCAR fans pray. Am I right, Rev'rend? Great post, sublime pic ...

Trixie said...

Hopefully, no adult beverage was spilled during the flying of the bat.

Love the expressions of the people in the stands...he he.

Ryan Newman Fan said...

Hey Rev,
I was FLOORED that FOX missed the opening lap. I was looking forward to some pre race coverage, but I had been watching SPEED channel since about 4:30. So I was forgiving of them showing baseball during pre race coverage.

BUT to miss the first lap really irritated me. And No, not just because Newman was on the pole. It could have been my worst driver and I would have had the same feeling.

I actually compared them to ESPN/ABC coverage. Now thats bad. They were awful last year.

And I love the picture you have posted.

Tim Zaegel said...

Jim, I thought that the whole situation with the game cutting into the NASCAR pre-race and the first lap was really just additional proof in my eyes that FOX is doing a lousy job with their race coverage.

RevJim said...

I noticed that Fox did try harder at Phoenix to cover the racing behind the leaders than they have at other races, so it seems that they are trying to address the concerns of the fans.
I remember a couple of years ago when the start of the race was delayed so a telecast of some important stick and ball game or another could be concluded, but I think the start time of the race is up to the track officials, not solely that of NASCAR or the network.
Since I doubt, strike that, know that very few baseball fans in the Southwest would be interested in a game between the Yankees and Red Sox, so I think Fox should have made the game's conclusion regional coverage for the North East.
Somebody made a boo-boo, because five minutes before the race started, it was announced that the baseball coverage on FX had already begun. That was the point that Fox should have returned to race coverage.
I participate in the opening prayer, and the "Gentlemen start your engines command" is part of the experience of watching a race, so I am quite peeved at having missed the opening ceremonies.

Tim Zaegel said...

True that. The opening ceremonies are my time to get settled in for the race ... plus, I like checking to see who they catch acting like a turd during the National Anthem.