Sunday, April 20, 2008

The waiting is over!

We knew it was about to happen, and we knew, from the start of the current season, that it would happen soon. Danica Patrick became the first woman to win in a major racing series on a closed racing circuit!
Most of us missed the historical event from Twin Ring Motegi, in Japan. We can't blame it on ABC/ESPN this time, because the race was postponed, and the network had commitments to air time. They could not have foreseen that this would be the time and place for it to happen. At least those who can get ESPN Classic got to witness the event and the historic win.
We who have followed her career know that it has been more important to her to win as a racecar driver than to win as a woman. From the beginning of her IRL career, we could see that she was perfectly capable of "mixing it up with the big boys."
In other words, she never wanted to be known as a good racer "for a woman," but as a great racer overall. We have to believe that her victory in Japan is the first of many, and that she will continue to make her place in history. This win was more than a fluke or an exception to the rule--it will become a way of life.
Danica has earned her place among the ranks of Shirley Muldowny and Julie Krone (the first woman jockey to win a triple crown race), but greater things are sure to come.
I'm still thinking Championship.


Tim Zaegel said...

Huge props to Danica for finally breaking down the walls and getting her first win. I'd still love to see Danica with a Cup ride one day ... but, hey - that's just me!

Anonymous said...

Now Danica has set her sights on formula 1. Rumors are that she will test drive for a spot on the Honda F1 team.
If she decides to quit racing she could start a new career as a late night talk show host. Here's some funny video of her hosting a TV show. motodanica