Saturday, April 12, 2008

Something new

Last year, I formed a group at BlogCatalog called NASCAR Bloggers Full Throttle, and invited several bloggers, many of whom you will find on the sidebar of this blog, under links. The name came to me before I became familiar with the excellent blog Full Throttle, or else I probably would have called it something really lame or pretentious, but that story is not the point of this article.
Our group has launched a new blog called NASCAR Bloggers FT Digest It is where you can find additional commentary by some of your favorite bloggers, and, as a digest, it provides the reader with a short description and a link to some of our favorite posts. Please check it out, and be sure to read the "About" page. If you really feel adventurous, you may also want to read the "Welcome" page. The Digest, as I like to call it, is a work in progress, so what you may see now isn't necessarily what you may see once we get all the particulars worked out. Feel free to leave comments, either here or at the Digest. I hope you find it enjoyable.
I have also added the links to two other blogs on my side bar. Tim Zaegel, who has yet to join our group (please join us, Tim), writes the excellent and thoroughly entertaining blog Do You NASCAR?, and Monte Dutton, the book author, photographer, and writer for the Gaston Gazette has a new blog called NASCAR This Week.
You will also find a fantasy sports site, that includes NASCAR, in Fantasy Sports Outlook, that I have added to the links list. Frank, the owner of that site, is not only a member of the bloggers' group, but has done much to promote this blog, and the blogs of some of the other NASCAR bloggers out there.
Please visit these sites when you have the time.
Once again, I thank my readers for their kindness and patience in their loyalty to Rev'Jim's RantsnRaves. Have a happy race day!


Tim Zaegel said...

RevJim, I very much appreciate your adding me to the blogroll. I checked out your group and tried to sign up. I have to contact my site administrator to have them add a widget to my page for me in order for me to join. So, it's in the works.

RevJim said...

Thank you Tim, and I really enjoy your blog. We will be very happy to have you in the group.