Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy to help!

First, a shout to The Stewart Fan, who has returned from his weekend at Richmond and written a couple of posts about it. It is good to hear from him, because he doesn't post very often, but when he does post, it is usually good reading. Check out his first-hand report from Richmond, and a review on Sprint's FanView gadget.

Now, as a Public Service to angry NASCAR fans, and in anticipation of Saturday night's race at Darlington, Rev'Jim's RantsnRaves presents "cut and paste" comments for your favorite forums or blog comments sections. Two of these may look familiar, because they were loaned to From The Marbles for the always fun "Comment-a-palooza" post.

"(Pick one: Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Robby Gordon, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Biffle) Should have been parked and banned from racing for life for that move!"

"He hasn't won a race all season, and suddenly he wins at Darlington? Give me a break! You say NASCAR isn't fixed?"

"Goodyear Sucks"

"It was better racing before they repaved it."

"It was better racing before the COT"

"It was better racing when they had the Southern 500 at Darlington on Labor Day!"

"It was better racing before Toyota came into the mix!"

"Somebody should have wrecked that M&M's guy before he wrecked somebody else!"

"You know (any driver) didn't put (any driver) into the wall on purpose! Schrub made him do it!"

"That race was booooooooooooring!"

Except for one or two, these comments are generic enough to fit into any situation, no matter who you claim as your favorite driver.

You're welcome.

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