Thursday, May 01, 2008

More "pure speculation" on my part, this time.

In spite of all my initial pessimism, skepticism, and cynicism toward the early attention given Tony Stewart's racing or non-racing future, Rev'Jim's RantsnRaves finds itself sucked into the speculation game, hip waders and all.
The blame for this can be put squarely on Randy Moss' entry into the business of NASCAR Truck Series team ownership.
Moss isn't just a NASCAR fan with a lot of money. According to the article he is already somewhat involved in racing:

The interest in racing isn't new to Moss, a 1998 first-round draft pick out of Marshall. He sponsors a local dirt track program in his native West Virginia and serves as a goodwill ambassador for the Urban Youth Racing School headquartered in Philadelphia.

Moss seems to know what he is doing, contracting with Integrety Sports Marketing Group to help him kick start the team and find sponsors, team members, and a manufacturer.

He also told ESPN's NASCAR Now that he has talked to Joe Gibbs for advice and guidance.

Building a successful team means "putting the right people in the right place doing the right things."

If that sounds like Tony Stewart talking about his management at Eldora Speedway ot his Tony Stewart Racing team's success in World of Outlaws and USAC, it is. But, it is also the exact words Randy Moss used on NASCAR Now, Wednesday afternoon while discussing his chances for success as a truck series owner.

Tony Stewart has been listening to offers from other teams, some of which include a partial team ownership, and has described these offers as "exciting."

In statements to the press last week, Joe and JD Gibbs made it clear that such an offer was not in the works for Stewart, if he were to stay with JGR. However, "Our [ownership] deal is set the way it is," Gibbs said. "But we could do some stuff to help him get started with his own team if that's what he really wanted."

Until 2003, JGR fielded a Truck Series team for Coy Gibbs, who gave racing a try then decided he wasn't cut out for it. It is logical to assume that "some stuff" may include supporting a Tony Stewart team in the Truck Series. To those of us who have paid attention to Smoke over the years, it is unlikely that he would be involved in team ownership on the Cup level while racing full time. But if he were to have ownership in the Truck Series, that may be a different story.

If Tony Stewart decides to stay with Gibbs, to race full time until he turns forty, there seems to be an opportunity here for a possible "Stewart-Moss" Toyota team in the Truck Series in 2009. Can you see it?

Maybe not, but the speculation is fun, even without "unnamed sources." And if it actually comes to pass, remember you read it here first.


Tim Zaegel said...

Hmmm. I dunno, Jimbo ... the possibilities are intriguing for sure, but I think you're starting to stretch a bit! =)

Cheyenne said...

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Tony will do what's best for Tony, and I have all the faith in him that he will do the right thing.

RevJim said...

Actually, Tim, my scenario is less of a stretch than Tim Bowle's assertation that Smoke would give up a ride with a winning team to race part time and co-own a losing team. I think he will sign a three year contract with somebody to race full time, and be looking at ownership after that. My scenario does have some credibility to that extent.
Cheyenne, you're right, and that's why I'm counting on Gibbs to pull through until 2012.