Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Questions you don't want to ask me...

...but I will ask them and answer them anyway, after this disclaimer: The following are hypothetical questions, and, therefore, so are the answers.

Will Tony Stewart leave JGR to own a Cup team?

No. The ownership offers presented to Stewart so far this season have been contingent on Stewart leaving JGR after this year, which doesn't seem to be happening. As recently as last Saturday afternoon, Stewart said, "We were never considering leaving (Gibbs.)"
Joe Gibbs is all about teamwork, and since both Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch have both recently stated that Smoke's experience and expertise is very important to the team ("as long as you do what Tony says, and not as he does," Hamlin quipped) it seems that Gibbs would be inclined to keep that team together. The ball seems to be in the team's court as far as what happens after 2009. With Joey Logano's entry into the Cup being highly anticipated, Smoke's future with the team will depend on the answers to several questions: Will Logano be immediately successful in NASCAR's big leagues? Will JGR want to run three or four cars/teams in 2010? And, can Tony Stewart still win races and/or championships with JGR? The contract signing seems to have reached a standstill until some or all of the above questions can be answered.

What will happen to make Jr Nation forget about Kyle Busch?

For the answer, let's imagine the closing laps of an upcoming race at an intermediate track: Neither Dale Earnhardt, Jr nor Jeff Gordon has won a race yet this season. Dale Jr has been running in the lead for several laps, but Gordon has been charging quickly up through the field. The fans are on their feet going crazy! Jr takes the white flag as Gordon comes up on his tail. Entering turn one, Jr, who has been running near the top, takes the lower line to block Gordon's faster car. Gordon moves up, Earnhardt moves up, exiting turn two now. Turn three, both cars take the lower line again, but this time, Gordon touches the rear bumper of Earnhardt's car. Jr spins! Gordon wins! Kyle who?


Trixie said...

Great questions, hypothetically.

Don't know what Tony will do, but whatever it is, I will fully support him. And he will do what he thinks is best for himself.

On the second hypothetical question...has some weight to it. It would be an interesting scenario. But why do I believe it would occur and that would be the result? Kind of spooky if you think about it.

Amy said...

I like your answer to one. It sounds good to me.

About two...I dunno...but I can tell you that I Jr Nation fans really get under my skin.

Tim Zaegel said...

I really don't think that Smoke cares all that much for Busch ... he never has, and his "relationship" with older brother, Kurt, probably doesn't help that much. And, with Busch and Hamlin really stepping out this season, Tony's becoming less and less "the big dog" at JGR, which may have as much impact on his decision as anything else. I'm still undecided on what we'll see in 2010 from this scenario.

The second question ... I think the Hendrick boys will be pretty careful not to mess w/ Jr on the track, if for no other reason than the fact that they're getting more applause this year than they ever have - and, they're probably enjoying it. I don't think Jr Nation will forget, mainly because it's a match made in heaven ... NASCAR's most popular driver against the kid that was already on the verge of becoming the most hated.

RevJim said...

Tim, shortly that incident in 2006 between Smoke and Rowdy, when Smoke was so critical of Rowdy,the two talked about it and have had mutual respecct for each other since then. You may remember Kyle saying "I guess I'm going to have to talk to him to find out what I did wrong." They did, and the relationship has been amiable between the two since then. The Busch/Stewart conflict is all myth and fan speculation.
Everybody else: in no way do I mean to stereotype "Jr Nation" which is a very diverse group of fans. I am just using the vocal hoolagans as their most prominent "spokespersons" for the group. I could have just as well used Brian Vickers, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, or just about any driver as an example for that second scenario, as Jeff Gordon. Every driver wants to win, and there is very little that can be done to prevent a driver from using the chrome horn to do so.

jimmccoy22 said...

Jimmy- I think all this hype about Smoke going to a Bowtie team dismisses any loyalty he may have for Gibbs. Mostly it's the Junior Kool-Aid drinkers who are jonesng for him to leave.
If he wants to keep winning, he'll stay. Tony should learn from Mikey and even the Intimidator. Racin' and ownin' don't mix.