Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Links and more.

I have added even more links to NASCAR and racing blogs to the sidebar.

The Fast and The Fabulous is already known by many who read this blog, and is a very interesting outlook on the sport by a very passionate race fan. The author, Vali, mixes commentary on the sport with stories about the personalities. This makes for a very entertaining blog.

One of the features I really like on From the Marbles, is author Jay Busbee's knack for egging on the Fringe. The "Junior is Elvis" Cult, the conspiracy theorists, and the xenophobes all gather in the From the Marbles comment section, and it is always interesting and very funny to see the interaction among the various forms of fanaticism. If watching whackos engage in futile combat isn't your thing, you can always forgo the comments section and read some very thoughtful, insightful, and interesting commentary on NASCAR racing by Jay Busbee, Bob Margolis, and others.

I tried the Google poll for my latest poll on the side bar, and I really don't like the way it works. The Poll Daddy poll is much better, I think, because it allows more options and even has a comment option. I will return to the Poll Daddy Poll the next time I think of a good question.

You my notice the phrase "NBFT Site" next to some of the links. These are sites that belong to the bloggers who have joined us at NASCAR Bloggers FT Digest ("FT" is from the original title, NASCAR Bloggers Full Throttle Digest, which was too long), a group blog with the purpose of highlighting these other blogs. It also contains some original content by this group of bloggers that you may find interesting. If you are a NASCAR blogger, or want to write about NASCAR, and don't have the time to start your own blog, you can join us. For information, please email me with "NBFT" in the subject line.

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