Monday, May 19, 2008

Kyle Busch: Revenge of the Nerds, NASCAR Style?

On Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain, last night, somebody mentioned, almost in passing, that Junior Nation's picking on Kyle Busch is nothing more than the Jocks vs the Nerds. Of course, we found that idea interesting, and decided to expound on it.

There are some "fans" who claim to be of Junior Nation who strike me as being the same kind of kids who used to give me wedgies and steal my lunch money in school. These aren't the race fans who like Dale Jr and are friends of mine--decent folk who enjoy watching races and appreciate Jr's humble and down-to-earth attitude. These aren't even the fans who will boo Kyle when he wins a race, then cheer as he performs his "smoke trick" and takes a bow. The ones being discussed here are the more vocal on the web, who talk about how ugly Kyle Busch is, call him "Pee Wee Herman," call Kyle Busch fans "pee wee lovers," throw beer cans that are more likely to hit people sitting in the front rows and get coolers banned from race tracks, the folks who use Kyle's own joke he made in his Rookie of the Year speech in 2006 against him in ridicule.

These people need someone to pick on, and Kyle Busch is a good target for them, because he really does look like a nerd. He even took accelerated classes in high school, so he could graduate early. His social life must have been a mess. He doesn't look like somebody who made straight C's and got a football scholarship to college, so he more than likely received his share of wedgies and had his lunch money stolen.

But he is getting his revenge. Kyle Busch is not the kind to go running home to mommy. Instead, he is winning races. He has made the jocks powerless to do anything, because anything they do or say to him gets his response of thumbing his nose at the bullies and winning another race. He eggs the bullies on, in other words, and yells "nyah nyah nyah you can't catch me!"

Makes you want to give him a wedgie and steal his lunch money doesn't it?


Snafam said...

Living in Vegas, I have yet to find anyone who admits to going to school with Kyle! Or Kurt!

And gosh, seeing what his lunch money allowance would be nowadays, why yes...I would love to steal that lunch money.

Great blog! I am linking you in to mine!

Cheyenne said...

Giving him a wedgie and stealing his lunch money aren't exactly what I have in mind. I can think of a few other things...
BTW, in our household, he IS PeeWee Herman. And until he straightens up his act and shows a little respect to those around him on the track, he will not be recognized as a true competitor. I'm tough to please.

RevJim said...

Yeah Cheyenne, I know how you feel. I'm still mad at Jr for that stupid move he made at Talladega when he almost wrecked himself, and caused the traffic to back up behind him, wrecking Tony Stewart, who had a car that looked like it could win the race, even after the cut tire.
But that's part of being a race fan. I'll get over it.

Trixie said...

Kyle either sort of like him or you hate him. To be honest, we haven't had this much talk about a driver in awhile. He is slowly winning me over.

Of course...we all know what happens in "Revenge of the Nerds".

Tim Zaegel said...

Kyle Busch is inspiration to every kid across America that's been hung from a flagpole by his underwear. You can come up with a grocery list of jokes on the kid ... all the way from his ears to the fact that he looks like a full grown turd ... but, yet, he wins.