Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Humpy's greatest promotion ever--his retirement.

Humpy Wheeler is retiring, believe it or not. While we remember all of the great things he has done for racing in the name of showmanship, we can't help but to think that if the Coca Cola 600 wasn't sold out before, it will be now.
What will take a while to sink in is that there will be no more wondering what he will do next to promote a race at LMS. He will be missed.
However he is far from gone. He plans to produce more episodes of "The Humpy Show," a program we could not get enough of when the pilot aired on Speed earlier this year. He will also be writing a book, and that, we have to believe, will be a great read.
There are some incredible stories about one of the most colorful personalities in racing, one of which can be found here.
The timing of the announcement was impeccable, and the stands at Lowe's Motor Speedway will be filled with folks just wanting to say "Thank-you Humpy."

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michael said...

Thanks for this added info I did not know about.... a book and "The Humpy Show"