Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Artful Dodger

Followup to The Silliest Silly Season of All Time Invokes Hollywood
The IRL at Chicagoland:
It was quite a race, being the last race of the IRL season, and it was for the championship. Going into the last lap, with Scott Dixon leading and Franchitti in second, Dixon was ahead of Dario by two points in the Championship race as they stood.
Then, going into the final turn, Dixon ran out of fuel, and Franchitti, just making a slingshot move aroune the leader, narrowly missed him and won the race and the championship.
In both the post race interview, and on the Speed TV program, Wind Tunnel, Dario artfully dodged questions about the rumors of his going to race in NASCAR next season.
Though he neither confirmed, nor denied the rumors--including one that Ganassi offered him a five-year contract in NASCAR--he said that he only wanted to celebrate his victory and his Championship.
"I'm not thinking about the future, right now," he told Wind Tunnel's Dave Despain.
"I'll think about it, maybe next week, and, sometime after that, I'll talk about it."
If Franchitti does make the move to NASCAR while being the reigning Champion of the IRL, he won't be the first to do so. Tony Stewart was the 1997 IRL Champion when he moved to NASCAR in 1998.

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