Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Catching Up

Getting to my websites has still been pretty difficult for me, but I'm figuring things out. I'll catch up a little here.
Bristol--The CTS race was excellent, and there was some very exciting three wide racing and some good drama--well, good drama is nothing new in the Truck Series. I was pretty impressed by the new configuration.
The Busch Series race also lived up to the anticipation of the new configuration and just the plain old excitement of Bristol. Now, many fans were disappointed in the Formula NASCAR race on Saturday night. Bristol means beatin' and bangin', and we saw very little of that. Compared to the number of cautions we traditionally see, there were hardly any. This was due partly to the new configuration--when you can go three wide you don't have to bump'n'run--and partly to the new cars--when the Formula N cars do make contact, they are harder to spin. Personally speaking, it was thrill enough to see 43 cars averaging over 120 mph on a half-mile track and going three wide at that! I guess I'm pretty adaptable, for as long as I have been a fan, because I find the new configuration at Bristol, and the Formula N car, acceptable, at the very least. Beatin' and bangin' still exists at the other short tracks, and at 'Dega and Daytona. The ol' timer in me misses the Bristol Violence, but the ever earnest race fan in me enjoyed the race no matter what.
The ol' timer in me seriously hates the fact that PPIR is no more--I will never get over it 'cause I don't want to--and I hate that the Labor Day weekend race is at Fontana instead of Darlington. If it isn't boring, the race is anticlimatic after Bristol, no matter what the configuration. Bring back Darlington, or maybe move the Labor day race to IRP (ORP e-i-e-i-o)--that would be interesting, running the NHRA US Nationals and the Formula N Labor Day race simultaneously--or even to Milwaukee or Gateway. Any choice like that would be better than California, wouldn't it? One race at Fontana, and one race at Michigan a year is enough for the 2 mile tracks for one year. There, I said it. There is still a lot of old timer in me.

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Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

From one oldtimer to another I have to agree..I miss the Southern 500 ,North Wikesboro,Rockingham and others...a COT race at ORP would be a blast I would rather go their for the truck and Busch races than the Brickyard.....