Friday, September 07, 2007

The Silliest Silly Season of All Time Invokes Hollywood

The hottest news today is that David Stremme, who has been showing a lot of promise this season, will not be driving the #40 car for Ganassi next season. Instead, it looks like we may see the IRL driver, Mr. Ashley Judd (Dario Franchitti) in that seat. For the rest of the year, after the end of the IRL season, Franchitti will be driving Gasassi cars in the ARCA and Busch Series', so it seems as if it is already a done deal. Ashley Judd, the popular Hollywood star, is married to Francinni, and the close association and name recognition means there should be no sponsership problems. From listening to trackside interviews with Judd, one can tell that she is very involved and knowledgeable about racing. She may not be a Delana Harvick, but she is an enthusiastic racing chick.
The scope of this deal goes beyond NASCAR--2003 Champion Sam Hornish, Jr, is also leaving the IRL for NASCAR, which leaves the already thin ranks of Indycar drivers even thinner. That may give Danica Patrick a better chance to make history, but it will be sad when there are only eleven or twelve cars to watch in an Indycar Race.
A quick aside here--I have been watching Danica race this year, and she definitly has what it takes to win a race in the Indycars. She could probably win with Franchitti and Hornish in the race, so I mean nothing derogoatory in my previous statement.
One last word about Dario--his presence in NASCAR means that Carl Edwards won't be the only driver called "Flipper," because, this happened two races in a row:

Click here if you can't see the video

Click here if you can't see the video

Mark Martin will drive part time in the DEI #8 car, which will be the US Army sponsered car. Tony "Stiffy" Eurey, Jr. is joining Dale Earnhardt, Jr., at Hendrick, so where does this leave Alan Gustafson? David Yates will take over the operation of Yates Racing, after his father, Robert retires at the end of this season. Yates Racing says it has a driver for the #88, preumably Travis Kvapil.
To tiredawg In The Pits: No, the world isn't coming to an end, it's only that NASCAR's silly season has managed to last all year, and has opened a wormhole into an alternate reality.


Racefan57 said...

I was surprised to read that Marky will continue on a part-time basis through the '09 season

Anonymous said...

Open wheel in North America is dieing a slow death..which started with the split..the benefactor is Nascar...young Ms. Judd is quite knowledgeable and a definite plus in the looks department as well..I am afraid the Yates will now just be another arm of Roush racing and become the vehicle in which Jack gets around the 4 team rule....I wonder what Newman - Haas thought of this as they were welcomed with open arms by Robert Yates and now have been ushered quickly out the back door...I thought their partenership with RYR was going to be Honda's entry in..I guess that's ky-bosched now..

RevJim said...

Update--Casey Mears will be going to the #5 team in '08, with Alan Gustafson remaining as the crew chief.
racefan57--Mark has made it pretty clear that he loves racing, just not for a full season that would isolate him from his family.
Curmudgeon--I hate to see it. I was a CART fan more so than a NASCAR fan, at one time, and I still like to watch the open wheel races. Add to the demise of OWCCS and IRL, the departure of F1 from the US, and, I agree, it's all over but the funeral.

Clance' said...

But what about David??!!! **Tears streak down Clance's face...

RevJim said...

I know, Clance' Just as he is getting good and showing some real promise. Someone will pick him up. He is every bit as good as Sorenson.

hszoo said...

Since I live in Mark Martin country, I naturally like seeing his name mentioned out here in the blogosphere. I don't think Mark will ever fully retire. He's had racing fuel in his veins since he was a young teen, racing on the dirt tracks around here. He's even got a museum in Batesville Arkansas, where you can read his racing journals. He started writing them when he was a kid and they are pretty interesting!

RevJim said...

Mark deserves the chance he has gotten from DEI/Ginn racing--to race when he wants to without having the pressure of trying to win a championship. Yes, I think he will be around a while.