Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekly Guess--NHIS

There really are no sure things, especially when it comes down to the first race of the Chase for the Championship. We could expect the Chase drivers to take it easy and try to avoid wrecks and mechanical problems, but that seems to never happen during the Chase. No, the drivers all go all-out for the win, whether they're Chasers or not.
I think it was the restrictor plate race in 2000, after Kenny Irwin and Adam Petty were killed in practice and testing accidents, that turned me off about the race in New Hampshire. It had gotten steadily better since then, and the race there last Spring was actually pretty good. I may be getting over my Newhampshirephobia.
I don't know what the track surface is like, and I'm not sure what tire compound Goodyear is making them use, but I'm not going to let that affect my picks.
So, because he is having a championship year, because New Hampshire is one of his best tracks, and because he is, to be honest, my favorite driver, I'm picking Tony "Smoke" Stewart to win.
Of course this means Jeff Gordon will win, and Denny Hamlin, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Burton, and Carl Edwards will fill out the top five.
But I stand by my "Smoke" pick.


Clance' said...

Sheesh your last paragraph was exactly what I was going to write today.

Iassume you know by now, the person looking for a cult to join was my strange humored daughter.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah! we doth row the same boat..I am having trouble making I am staying with the Bowtie Brigade ..which one is the big problem....New Hampshire has turned into one of the better tracks......and I wish my eldest would go looking for a cult so she is not permantly head first in my fridge....

RevJim said...

Curmudgeon--I read your post on NASCAR from the Bleachers, after I wrote this one, so I swear I don't read your blog before I write mine, but I have noticed that we think alike.
Your picks, about the TV broadcasts, are sure to be right on the money.