Friday, September 14, 2007

My Second Favorite Driver?

I had never really given much thought to the question, "Who is your second favorite driver," but it was asked of me when I signed up for Dale Earnhardt Jr's interactive fan site "Infield Parking." This is a site that is sort of like "MySpace" for NASCAR fans. It has a well categorized Forums section, and is a good place to keep track of your Internet buddies. Please check it out, if you feel like you may enjoy that kind of thing.
So, how to choose my "Second favorite driver?" I have about twelve drivers I could call my second favorite. It first seemed to me that Junior himself would be the best choice, but my meddling inner voice, or one of my meddling inner voices, reminded me that, if I am a Bandwagon rider, I ride with one leg dragging. So I decided to pick someone else. Martin Truex, Jr would have been a good pick. He packs a load of talent, and I like his demeanor, but I rarely get excited about him. Heck, I can't even remember who sponsors him. I started thinking about the drivers I love to not love, because, in a perverse way, The Gordon could actually be considered one of my favorite second favorite drivers. But, since the favorite and second favorite driver picked are automatically added to your "friends" list, I couldn't see having The Gordon's picture on my "parking space" page.
After nearly an hour discussing this subject, and arguing about it with my inner voices, I finally decided to think in linear terms. So using the mundane list called "alphabetical order," I finally decided to pick Clint Bowyer. Welcome to my official list of favorite drivers, Clint.
Anybody who is interested in visiting my Infield Parking Space, may do so here. I am in the process of accepting anybody who asks to my "Friends" list, so don't be shy.


Racefan57 said...

I am a member there but rarely sign in... I'll get around to it eventually and send you a friends request.

Thanks for your best wishes

thedope said...

Just sent you the invite Rev. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

we are of similar minds ..since the pasing of earnhart I have been on and off so many bandwagons that I suffer from permanently sprained ankles ..although this year I have been firmly in the Reutiman camp....with Truex as a second choice..I like this young man ..quite laidback but with a firey streak when on the a sec I will jump on infield and add you


RevJim said...

I have to say, I am very impressed to the reaction I received by joining IP. I have yet to sign in to Infield Parking this evening, but from here, and from my inbox, when I do, I'll have plenty of friends to add. At the moment, I'm busy writing another post, but, be assured, you will all be added with heartfelt welcome.