Thursday, September 20, 2007

My new BUDdy Kahne

Well, we already knew it, but it's now officially official. Kasey Kahne will be sponsored by Budweiser next year. Some may think that the "Cute Little Guy" doesn't fit the Budweiser image, but Kahne thinks so, Anheiser Busch thinks so, and I think so. In fact, I think so enough that I have written what could be the first Budweiser commercial featuring Kasey Kahne:

Scene: (Interior) A bar from an old western movie. Kasey Kahne is standing at the bar with a Bud in his hand. Three tough looking saddle tramps walk into the scene and order "beer" which is served in clear bottles (the lable isn't showing, of course) They drink their beer while looking at Kasey, snickering. Finally:
Tough Guy 1: Well, look at the cute little guy drinking a Bud!
Tough Guy 2: Whats a matter, cute little guy, did your mama leave you here all alone?
Laughter from TG's 1,2,3
Tough Guy 3: What happened, did they run out of milk for the cute little guy?
More cruel laughter
Not wanting trouble, Kasey Kahne turns his back on the three tough guys and starts to drink his Bud, but Tough Guy 1 grabs Kahne by the shoulder and spins him around.
Tough Guy 1: Hey! We're talking to you!
Without setting down his Bud, Kasey Kahne grabs TG 1's wrist, removing the hand from his shoulder, and, in a spectacular ju-jitsu move, throws him into the other two Tough Guys, sending all three sprawling through the bat-wing doors
Cut to bar exterior.
Kasey Kahne exits the bar, stepping around the three groaning and incapacitated Tough Guys and into the dusty dirt main street. There are four horses tied to the hitching post, but Kasey Kahne puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles.

SFX: Galloping horse's hooves.
A beautiful cowgirl rides up on a white horse and reaches down to help Kasey Kahne onto the horse so he is sitting behind her.
As the two ride off into the sunset:

Caption: Kasey Kahne and Budweiser remind you: Drink Responsibly. If you drink, don't drive.

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